Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Stamp, A Lovely Visit and Treasures

Before I left to get my haircut and visit my SIL, I carved a pumpkin stamp that seemed like an appropriate subject for this time of year.

I had a full, fun afternoon and evening in Brighton that began with a visit to the Brighton library where a book sale was in full swing. I bought 12 novels for myself that will be devoured and then passed on to my daughter and/or my sister. I also bought a great trivia book called "Joel Whitburn's Pop Singles Annual 1955-1986 compiled exclusively from Billboard". This is sure to provide a wonderful trip down memory lane and will surely tweak my memory of years past.

After the library we went to the Salvation Army store in Howell where we found more treasures. I purchased a few containers that we thought would be good candidates for still life objects. What do you think?

I was planning to get a still life set up put together this afternoon and begin a sketch, but I am picking up my next box of farm goodies tomorrow morning and there are sure to be some winter squashes that will probably go with the pitchers in a very pleasing way - so stayed tuned. I also found a very quirky matted print that will be framed for my quirky Miss K for her room at her Dad's house. Isn't this a great find?

Jan had also saved a pile of travel brochures and magazines for me to use in my mixed media journal and I am thrilled that she thought of me.

And she also showed me her works in progress as well as some of the paintings she's done since the last time I was over - they are so lovely. Sorry, I don't have pix. But while we were in her art room looking around she gave me two books to borrow and I am anxious to do some sketching and painting from the ideas in them.

So I am back home and reveling in all the goodies I have brought with me including the warm feeling of spending time with my dear friend. She took me to Lu & Carl's in downtown Brighton for a burger and fries at the end of the afternoon on Wednesday and it was delish! Except for the humiliating loss of the Tiger game where we appeared to be cruising into victory, it was a great getaway.

Today I am going to begin a sketch on watercolor paper and try to achieve a loose painting by dropping or pouring paint onto a wet watercolor surface and see where it leads me. What about you? What do you have planned for today? Does it include creative time for yourself? I hope so. If it does, please share it...



  1. Oh I did take time out for being creative...and it was joyous!! I love the objects you chose for your still lifes...can't wait for the 'market' veggies to arrive and see you go to work. I'm anxious to begin making my own stamps...have been looking at Speedball stuff to make a choice. Love the pumpkin.

  2. Great stuff and you did a super job on the stamp! Hugs, nancy

  3. wow ~ what a day 'crowded with incidences ~ lovely novels to read ~ a great print and more and more ~ and now you are going to get creative ~ I spent a different kind of creative day ~ had lunch with a friend who is published poet ~ took myself and Artmusedog for a walk on two beaches ~ then went to a poetry readers group ~ then grocery shopping ~ now 'chillin' out with my little doggie ~ then going to read a mystery novel ~ thanks for asking ~ Wonderful post ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  4. You bought some nice items for a still life. Reading your post made me feel a tiny bit of regret at chucking all my magazines and post cards :)
    Do you have a post on how to make stamps?

    1. Hi, I haven't done a tut on stamp carving as I am just a beginner, but I can tell you that taking Julie Balzer's Stamping 101 class is where I got started.


  5. I drew a tin like that once with the lid sitting sideways on top and the light source above it gave the piece a really interesting drop shadow to work with.

  6. What a great mix of treasures

  7. Your pumpkin stamp is just perfect! Sounds like you had a grande time!! Yes, I can see a still life with the pitchers and pumpkin or squash. I'm sure it will be beautiful. I love the "girls" print!! And collage goodies and books to! such fun!! :)

  8. Sounds like a delightful day/evening with your friend. Always nice to share an interest/passion in common. I have no friends who paint or draw with the exception of one. Her style of painting is so very different from mine that it's not easy to relate to her.

    Setting up the still lives (lives) will be interesting. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

    I dearly love pumpkins...they just make me smile. A huge pumpkin patch has set up right across the road from Starbucks...I need to get out there and take some photos, do some sketching. I love this time of very favorite season.