Tuesday, October 30, 2012

List It Tuesday

Aimee at Artsyville is hosting List It Tuesday again and I thought I'd participate once more. This week's topic is Quick Fixes - things you could do in a flash that don't get done. So without further ado, here is mine.

Each of these items on my list would only take a few minutes to get done, but I don't think of them until some inopportune moment and so again they don't get done.

What quick fixes are you putting off?



  1. So many, apparently too many to actually list : ) ah, the junk drawer straightening...for me, not a quick fix! LOL!
    Great list...have a great Tuesday!

  2. Great list. LOL I love the "file the pile". Thanks for sharing.

  3. File the Pile.... perfect... do you mind if I borrow that... just the term.... not actually going to do it... xx

  4. well, you wouldn't have a junk drawer, if you straightened it.... I can identify with the filing. It wasn't hard to do with the finances working; but when things are a mess, it's hard to look at! {:-Deb

  5. Dust the fans, eek... I hate doing that! yes, I have to go add that to my list too...