Monday, October 1, 2012

Stamping and a New Art Journal

My current art journal is nearly full, so while a recent page was drying I went through my stash of used books and  chose a new one. I think I showed you a couple of pages that I'd begun last week. Over the weekend I decided this one was going to be a Faces book. I haven't drawn faces in quite a long time and am losing my touch. Here is the outside of the book.

I haven't decided whether to use watercolor ground or gesso to get a background that I can do some artwork on in order to have the cover reflect what is inside.

And here are the first few pages. 

I also found some time yesterday evening to carve a couple of stamps. I still need to carve a better face stamp, but so far am working on other things. Here is a window stamp that I enjoyed carving.

And I am trying to use up the pieces of rubber I've cut off my earlier stamps. The first one is a tall, skinny house. I really like this one.

And the next one was just a freehand shape that I see is grasses. I was just trying for a random pattern that would look good as background.

Yesterday afternoon after Miss Z was picked up by her Daddy, the hubster and I drove into town for a walk. On the way we stopped at DD's house to drop off the Sunday paper and see the girls for a little visit. And then we took a stroll along the River Walk in downtown Jackson. We parked at the Toy House and walked a couple of blocks up to the Armory Arts Project where the path actually begins. I took a few pix on the way that I thought you might enjoy.

This morning I am going to my conditioning class followed by floor core work and then I am planning to come home and make some kind of soup with the produce I got at the farm on Friday. I am hoping to get a bit of house cleaning done and then play for awhile in my art room (which desperately needs a pick up and sweep itself).

What about you? What do you have planned for the day? Can you believe it is October??? Are you going to be able to have some time to play? Will you be making art? Do share.....



  1. Wow! Lots of creativity ~ Love the altered book pages with faces and the use of your stamps ~ very lovely ~ Great photography too! ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Good idea to touch base on something you're losing touch with. I really like the winding path photo with the little red tree.

  3. Your journal pages are fantastic!

  4. Your journal pages are great! Love the "British Weather" with umbrellas - very apt!

  5. Nice pages Vicki. I like your stamps too. Several weeks back my art friends and I spent a day carving stamps, it is such fun and addictive too.