Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Busiest Day Ever

I got up just after six and decided since sunup was predicted for 7:59 I would have my coffee and then head down to the quay. It was quite cold, but I stayed pretty warm walking and wearing my gloves when I wasn't taking pictures. I'd like to share a few of them with you. Hope you don't get tired of looking. I couldn't decide which one I liked the best

After that first walk of the day, I went home and had a toasted bagel for breakfast. My cupboards and refrigerator are bare, so I will have to do a bit of grocery shopping later too. I was just about finished with the last of my five library books, so I finished that before heading out again to walk across the bridge to meet the group for a walk on that side. It was a good walk except I left my gloves at home and I really could have used them. We stopped at the Riverbank House Hotel for tea again, then Marie and I walked back across the bridge, traded phone numbers, and headed our separate ways.
By this time I was starving so I went back home to get my library books and took them back to the library. I then headed for the ATM so I could buy lunch.

I decided to try Cistin Eile (pronounced Kishteen Ella in Irish). I had the fish dish of the day which was pan fried Plaise on a bed of salad with roasted potatoes and cabbage. There was some citrus aioli on top - it was a bit much for me, but the dish was fabulous. The fish was very mild and quite moist. The salad was delightful. I wasn't able to finish all of if, but I did a good job of it.

On the way home from lunch, I stopped at The Book Centre and bought The Pocket Guide to the Common Birds of Ireland. I am hoping to be able to put names to all the birds I've been seeing and hearing. Then I headed for the grocery store where I purchased the makings for Roisin's Mom's beef stew recipe, plus some bread, crumpets, spices....You can see my haul below.

This cost €25.11, which I thought was pretty good considering I bought meat, face scrub and spices, plus all the rest you see here.

I got the groceries put away, then went back to the library to get books for this week. I picked out 5 again, but this is going to be a very busy week what with the festival and all the associated activities, but I am not obligated to finish them in a week anyway.

I brought my books home and then headed out to the fuel yard where I purchased a bag of wood and three fire starter logs. I had to set them down half a dozen times on the way home - heavy!! I had one more trip in me - I went down to the Selskar Bookshop and bought an acrylic clipboard for doing crosswords.

I tore out a crossword puzzle and put it on the clipboard, then looked at the clock. It read 2:10 and I thought holy smokes I got all this running around done and it is only 2 in the afternoon, then realized the batteries in the clock must have died, as it was actually 6:30.

I put some ice on my back/neck and worked a crossword puzzle and then decided I'd better post to my blog before I fell asleep. I don't think I am going to last very long this evening. I really put the miles on today.

Hope you continue to enjoy my escapades here in Wexford, Ireland, and that you will keep in touch with me.



  1. Wow!! You had a very full day!! I'm delighted each time I read your blog; such a lot of fun you are having!! Your fish & salad looked very nice!! We got our flu shots today and also ordered Mom's birthday cake. Can't wait for the big party; I'll send photos 😌

  2. I just love reading your blog! I'm a little behind but hope to catch up by the end of the week! The sunrise was just beautiful! Love seeing your groceries and what you're paying! So happy for you!!