Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Opening Day of the Festival

I began my day with a load of pain in my upper back. I think carrying the firewood and starter logs wasn't a very smart thing to do. When the chemist opened I went over and got some BioFreeze to put on it. I also bought bandaids because yesterday while moving furniture I got a toe under a chair leg and it was sore and bleeding. I had to buy a battery for the clock as well.

I had no clean clothes, so I went downtown to the Jean Depot and bought a new pair of jeans and two jumpers, then headed home once more. When I got home I decided to make the stew before putting on the BioFreeze, but found out early in the process that I didn't have a can opener. That will be on tomorrow's agenda. I walked to the laundry instead and got 4 pairs of pants and 4 shirts washed, dried and folded for €12. I thought that was a pretty good deal.

When I got back home I put a generous amount of the medicine on my back and went to bed. I slept for 2 hours and then stayed in bed dozing for about 30 minutes. Then I got up, took a shower and got dressed as I was meeting the TidyTown volunteers downtown for the opening night of the festival. I walked over to the Talbot Hotel where I met Philomena and walked around at an art exhibition. Really nice watercolors and the artist was very nice too.

We then went outside where the whole quay area was crammed with people. The highway along the quay was closed and the Garda was out in force. We walked around and met up with Fiona and then after waiting to see if any others were joining us we headed over to the quay. What a celebration! The kids were in heaven with all kinds of lighted paraphernalia from mohawk shaped lights on heads to princesses and butterflies on wands, and there were light sabers. Before the fireworks began, there were speeches by assorted dignitaries, including the mayor.

Then finally the much awaited fireworks. Payton had FaceTimed me while we were waiting in the crowd. I couldn't hear her much, but it seems she forgot her house key. I tried calling her back once the fireworks began so I could share them with her, but she didn't answer.

This is just a selection of the fireworks. I wish I was a better cinematographer.

After the fireworks, Fiona headed home and Phil and Dennis and I went in search of something to eat. We stopped at the bullring and had a burger and fries - just €5, a deal indeed. The chips (fries) were actually crispy and wonderful. After we ate we headed to White's Hotel, which just happens to be on my way home to look at more art exhibits. What fun. This is the first time I've been out after dark. I felt just like a grown up!!

I took a couple of stills on the quay.

The bridge was lit up nicely, but hard to get a good pic with all the people in the way.

Do you see tinker bell there near the bottom on the right?

I am home now and pretty worn out and sore. Believe it or not I actually got my 10,000 steps in today. Just think what I could have done if I hadn't slept for 3 hours. Time to slather some BioFreeze on my back and hit the hay. Tomorrow is another day with art exhibits during the day and free tickets to the Jack L concert in the evening.


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  1. What a wonderful day!! The festival sounds like great fun, too! Hope your back and your toe get better😉😉