Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday, 14 October

I was up before the sun today but it was in the low 40s so I am still waiting to get my jacket this weekend before heading down to the quay to watch the sunrise. I drank my tea and thought about what I had on my calendar for the day - not much, really. See the doctor and see about getting a prescription for my migraines, a trip to a store to buy cleaning supplies, and then a trip down to the bullring to water the flowers we planted last weekend.

I planned to pay cash to the doctor, so headed for the ATM machine at my bank before heading for the office. Imagine my surprise when I announced myself for a 10:40 appointment and went into the waiting room to find about 20 people waiting. Of course, I showed up at 11:30. Imagine my even greater surprise when I realized that the doctor whose rooms were on the second floor was coming down to get his own patients and then following them up the stairs. It took a bit over an hour for me to be seen, but he was great. I explained about my Duloxetine and showed him my prescription bottle and then told him what the chemist had told me about not having 20 mg or 40 mg of that product, but that she told me about something that I thought started with a Y that was also a generic for Cymbalta. He looked it up on his computer and found it. He was interested to hear my story as he had never heard of this product being used for this purpose. He told me that gave him another option for migraine treatment and he was pleased to hear about it. He gave me a prescription with enough refills to get me through 6 months. I thanked him and then went down to reception to find out the damages. Talk about a day of surprises. The cost of the visit was €60. I paid in cash, got a receipt and a thank you and headed out.

I went home from there, put on snugglies and started the third of my 5 library books. Got right into it, but at about 3 I realized that I needed a walk, so I set out. I walked down to the far south part of the main drag and realized I was hungry so I stopped again at Simon Lamberts. Today they had baked sea trout with peas and grilled root vegetables - even better than the pan fried variety. From there I walked the quay, across the bridge and back, and then stopped to pick up cleaning supplies. My fitbit vibrated before I got home.

Spent a bit more time in snugglies reading and then got dressed again to head down to the bullring to water plants. When a few others arrived I found out they had watered last night, but we got out the long-handled picker upper gadgets and set about picking up cigarette butts and small papers from the area. Then Sue and I headed down to Sharkey's and came up Anne Street and then headed down Main back toward the bullring where Dennis and Anne were working. I got home about 7:30.

This isn't my pic, I found it on google, but it is a nice one of the road that runs along the quay.

Now I'm in my snugglies once more writing my blog and planning to FaceTime Momo when she gets home on this early release day. Later tonight I hope to FaceTime Adam when he gets home from work.

Just checked my fitbit. I have just over 6 miles and 13,161 steps for the day. I think this has been a lazy/busy day - I'm not sure if that is lusy or bazy, but all in all a good day.

How has your day been? Hope it's been great and that you miss me as much as I miss you! Hoping to get some visitors here one of these days.



  1. Hi Vicky, We are having trouble figuring out to send comments.

  2. What a nice surprise at the Doctor's office!! Your day sounds wonderful, so enjoying your descriptive blog.....can hardly wait to see you!!