Monday, October 19, 2015

Rough Couple of Days

I woke up yesterday morning with a bit of  headache that I thought I might chase away by walking in the fresh air. I walked my usual walk along the quay and over the bridge, then stopped at Dunnes for a few things. I was pretty sure I had some Aleve at home, so I didn't look at medicine while I was there.

By the time I got home I had a full on migraine and no Aleve. If the chemist across the corner had been open I think I could have managed to get that far, but I certainly didn't have it in me to go two blocks with this stabbing pain. I got into bed and put pillows over my head and tried to relax, but I was really hurting. I got up after a couple of hours feeling a bit better so I headed down to Dunnes and bought something called Paradol. I took two and it finished off my headache. By this time I also had a pulled muscle in my upper back - was it from a sneeze or from my frenzy trying to get comfortable during my headache? I don't know, but it is even worse today.

I haven't done much today - just a bit of house cleaning and a load of wash. The landlords came by today to pick up the TV and made a list of things I wished I had here at the apartment and will bring them another time. After they left I went to the chemist and bought a gel pack for the freezer. I've used it twice on my neck today, but I am still in a great deal of discomfort.

After the first icing of my upper back/neck I went on a walk to Penneys (not the J.C. that we have in the states) to return a jumper (pull over sweater) that I'd bought that was too small and then walked around town a bit looking for firewood. I found a place that sells it, but they were out and expecting more tomorrow. I will stop there to check again after I walk with the group across the bridge tomorrow.

I am reading another book by Tim Weaver. It is called Fall From Grace. It has the same missing persons investigator as the other one I read earlier called You Will Never Find Me. It's quite good and complicated. I will probably finish it this evening before I head to bed. I am looking forward to taking these books back to the library tomorrow and finding more.

I still haven't gotten my insurance card in the mail, but expect it soon, at which time I will check in with the Garda so I can get permission to stay beyond the two months I was given by immigration at the airport when I arrived.

Now that I have my real coat, I am hoping to get out one morning early and catch a sunrise. I will look ahead at the weather to see which day looks like it might be clear. We have had a number of gray days lately.

We don't have nearly the color you have in Michigan, but we do have color.

Hope to have more for you tomorrow.


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  1. You could use a good cheering up, big hug and a spot of tea. But glad you are on the mend. Try Icy Hot something on your neck. Something with heat, like cayenne pepper and camphor. Hugs, Randy