Wednesday, October 7, 2015

First Two Weeks

I flew out of Detroit 2 short weeks ago, but I have crammed lots of experiences into that time. This town is really nice, my apartment is way more than I expected to find, and the weather has been really nice. We did have a misty day on Monday this week and a rainy day yesterday (I went over to the pool on the other side of the bridge today just to check it out and found out that the walkers did in fact walk in the rain). Today was gloriously sunny and I got my 5 miles in without hardly trying.

I got a reminder call today from eircom while eating sea trout at Simon Lamberts that they will be coming to hook up my broadband on Friday morning. Yahoo! Meanwhile, right now I am using my personal hotspot provided by my iPhone (new to me).

My list of things to do assigned by immigration is almost completed. I've gotten an address, a bank account (some hang ups over the cashier check having to be sent to the US before the funds will show up in my account - and it could take 3 weeks for this to happen), insurance, which I will be getting as soon as I have some funds in my bank account, and proof of my income. Then I will check in with the Garda and hopefully I can just settle in and enjoy this new place.

Today I spent a bit of time taking photos in my neighborhood that I thought you might enjoy.

This is my library. When I first saw it, I thought it was the Opera House

This is where I live.

This is the art center. It is right across the street from the library. You can see part of the library building behind the white van.

This is the street sign just outside my apartment.

This is a very pretty building on my walk to the arts center and library.

This is my corner pharmacy (or chemist as they say here).

I am meeting again with the TidyTown group on Saturday to do some plantings in an area they call The Bullring (I'm not sure why it is called that, but I will try to find out.). And I got a text from Philomena that we have been invited to the performance of Jack L (his last name is Lukeman, but he just uses his last initial) at Spiegeltent. I found some of his recordings on YouTube. He writes his own songs and is a bit of a crooner. I think I am going to like the show. It is on the 22nd of October down on the quay.

I'm having a blast here even though just about all I do is check out the town, work on the financial hassles and walk the quay. I've been cooking lots of fresh veggies and eggy breakfasts when I'm not eating muesli. The post office is back in operation and I've sent out a few things that I needed to get to the gas company and electric company. Now I need to find some post cards to send back to Michigan.

I'll tell you more about my financial struggles after I talk to the US Embassy in Dublin tomorrow. I am also going to have to talk to my bank to see if they have an alternate 9 digit routing number so I can have my pension direct deposited here. I'm not sure why they would have such a restraint on the system, but I guess I am going to have to work with it. Or I am going to have to find a bank in the US that does overseas transfers. Neither CASECU nor CP Federal do. Scratching my head.....If you know anything, spill it.....

Expecting more nice weather for almost the next two weeks - what a pleasure!



  1. Such a conundrum on the money system, do you n Ed some cash, I could send some?

    1. Aren't you the best sister ever. I think I am on the track of a solution. Sock that cash away for when you come to visit. I. Am. So. Excited!!!

    2. Anything you need, let me know. I am socking away my cash....won't we have fun!!