Monday, October 12, 2015

Errands All Day

I've been up, down, and all around the town today. I actually got in more than my 10,000 steps and didn't really go for a planned walk at all.

I began my day by going by the alterations/laundry place around the corner and found out that the price was definitely worth it. I paid €14 to have all my darks washed, dried and folded. I dropped them off around noon and picked them up around 4:30. I am finding it very difficult to get my clothes to dry on the line this time of year, especially my trousers. This may be the answer.

I then went to the bank because my debit card was in the post which enabled me to set up a standing order for my rent to be paid directly from my account on the first of each month. I also took advantage of that visit to have the Mrs on my account changed to Ms. After all, I am no longer a Mrs.

I went to the library to take back the four books I took out last week and then continued on to Shaw's to take advantage of their sale. I purchased sheets, pillowcases and a quilted throw for the double bed and found that the blanket that I purchased for the couch was far too big there so put it between the top sheet and the comforter. I think double beds here must not be a standard size as the comforter is touching the floor all around. The bed does look nice though.

Later I went back to the library and picked out 5 books for this week. I only took out 4 last week and found I was done with them by Saturday and the library isn't open on Sunday. I didn't know what I was looking for, so just started at the end of the alphabet and started reading the flyleaf until I found something appealing.

I realized earlier when I was getting my laundry ready to take to be cleaned that most of my shirts are quite old and are starting to fade, so I went to Penneys and found a great sale on jumpers (I call them sweaters or pullovers). They were selling for €7 each so I bought a grey and a black. I think the black will go with the long skirt I brought with me and will be suitable for the shows I may be seeing during The Fringe Festival.

These are the jumpers. I don't know if you can tell, but they have v-necks.

Here you can also see the new bedding.

It was another beautiful day here in Wexford - sunny and in the high 50s, perhaps low 60s, just my kind of weather. Perhaps next week after I collect my jacket from Kilkenny, I will walk down to the quay early enough to catch a sunrise. I'll be sure to take my camera.

I hope all is well where you are and that your Indian Summer continues.


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  1. You seem to be fitting in so very nicely, what a lovely area you have chosen!!