Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mom's Birthday and Other October Doings

My Mom celebrated her 91st birthday on Saturday, October 24, in the commons room at her apartment building. I spent a few minutes FaceTiming with her and some of the sisters and nieces who were present early on.

Doesn't she look great!
I was sorry not to be there to see some of the family I haven't seen in awhile, but I was certainly there in spirit. I sent my Mom a nice letter once I had an address and am waiting for her to reciprocate so I can respond to hers.

I walked yesterday morning by heading out to the hospital the opposite way from last time I went. That way I would end up on the quay and could continue over the bridge and back before heading home. At least that is what I had planned, but I took a wrong turn somewhere past the hospital and ended up on streets I'd never seen before. Still a good walk, but at one point I ended up at the light on the corner where the hospital is. I had apparently traveled in a circle. My feet burn after about 5 miles so I just headed back home instead of continuing down to the bridge. I decided I need to spring for a good pair of walking shoes.

I headed out around 10 yesterday morning to go to a sports shop and buy some walking shoes only to find that all the stores were closed. A woman on the street told me that bank holidays are actually national holidays so stores don't usually open. Who knew? I was aware that Monday was a bank holiday, but thought it would only mean no banks open and no mail delivery.

My back was still quite sore so when Phil called to ask if I wanted to go to Tesco with her, I took her up on the offer. I talked to a woman in the pharmacy and explained about my pulled muscle and icing and heating and she recommended a product called Voltarol. It was expensive - €20 for a 100 g tube, but I think it is doing the trick. I also picked up a few groceries, but when we got up to the checkout it was to discover they couldn't take my Visa card without a chip. I do have a debit card from AIB so I tried to use that, but apparently I don't have the correct PIN memorized yet. Phil wound up paying for my groceries. How embarrassing! One of the things I bought was an 8-pack of Orchard Thieves Cider. I am having one right now. It's pretty good. It is a beer, but cider flavored.

Woke up at 6:30 this morning to a bit of rain. Made coffee and got around and read for awhile before heading out to buy some walking shoes. I took an umbrella with me and found a good pair of walking shoes for €77. They are quite colorful and very comfortable. I put them on in the store and decided to wear them. This is the day I walk with a group across the bridge. The first time I was going to go it was raining a bit so I didn't only to find out later that they walked anyway. Took my brolly and my handbag back home and headed out. It wasn't raining very hard, but I was quite wet by the time I got to the meeting place and nobody else was there, but I was a bit early so I waited. Three others plus the leader showed up. I was planning to sit by the fire in the hotel on the corner to read the paper and dry out until they returned, but a girl behind the front desk said she had an extra rain coat in her car and she loaned it to me.

By the time we got about halfway into the walk the rain picked up a lot and I was soaked by the time we got back. I got wet even through the rain gear and it was a short jacket and my jeans were soaked from above the knees down. The leader gave me a ride home and I took a hot shower - bliss!! The most important thing I have learned since moving here is that the cupboard in which the hot press (hot water heater) is located is a great place to dry things. I put my shoes and jeans and shirt in there when I got home and they are almost dry.

Later this afternoon I went out to stop at Eir and chat about my bill that came in today's mail and didn't seem to be quite right and about the fact that my international minutes have not been added for this month. The young man who was helping me was on hold first for 20 minutes and then he disconnected and tried again and was into 12 minutes before he assured me that I could go on about my business and just stop back to find out the status. I walked over to Simon Lamberts and was planning to have fish, but they said they don't offer fish the day after a bank holiday because it is not so fresh - good thought! I had lamb meatballs with marinara sauce, roasted root vegetables and chips with a glass of cider from Cork. Yummy.  Stopped back by the phone/internet store to find that they are working on it and I can call him tomorrow and he will update me.

From there I was going to head over to SuperValu to get some Lamb Tagine for dinner, but saw Peter Mark hair salon on the way. Phil had gotten her hair cut there and was quite pleased with it, so I thought I might as well try it, too. I thought I would have to make an appointment and come back, but the receptionist told me that if I could wander for about 1/2 hour, Lainey would cut it for me. I wandered over to Shaw's to look at rain gear. I have a winter coat that is waterproof, but nothing to wear when it is warm and raining. I wanted something a bit longer than the one I borrowed today, so ended up in the men's department where I found a lovely one with a zip out liner. Perfect!

I got back to the hairdresser just about the right time and Lainey came over and introduced herself. I told her I liked a pixie look and that I was ready for something a little different. I was really nervous since I've had the same hairdresser for years and was very happy with her, but I was put right at ease. I had a cup of tea and talked while she went to work. I like the cut and really liked her. She will see me again when I need a trim. I stopped by SuperValu and picked up some tea biscuits and some Lamb Tagine on the way home.

It's been a great day. I've walked 6 and a quarter miles today and feel great! I am in my jammies lazing around the house. Payton FaceTimed me earlier and I was surprised that she called an hour before I thought she was due home. Seems like we changed our clocks back last weekend and in the US they will not do so until next weekend. Who knew?

Well, I think I've talked your ear off today; hope you aren't tired of my carrying on. Hope to have another report later in the week. One of these days I have to go to the Garda, but am afraid they might want €300 for a residency permit and they don't take credit cards, so for now I am holding off. I'll check it out next day without rain and let you know how it goes.


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  1. Love love love your descriptive writings.......I can see you and your new surroundings......keep sharing.....your new haircut is very cute!!