Thursday, October 15, 2015

October is Half Over Already

This month is speeding past. Halloween decorations are in all the windows and kids are getting excited. People are starting to talk about Christmas. Yikes!!

I got up early this morning and had a cup of tea and a piece of toast before embarking out for a walk. I walked my usual path but in the opposite direction, so that I would end up near Argos where I knew they had  simple drip coffee makers. I walked down to the corner and turned left on Abbey Street and took that to Slaney Street, cut through Redmond Square and across to the water side of R730, which at that point is also called Wellington Place. I walked to the bridge and over to the other side and then back. I then walked the quay all the way down past the Talbot Hotel as far as Parnell Street and then turned around and walked back until I was across from the Supervalu which is adjacent to Argos. I purchased the coffeemaker I wanted and then walked down to Redmond Square again and into Dunnes where I bought coffee (They don't have much of a selection; I may have to buy some in Kilkenny tomorrow), bagels, 2 chicken pies, and a package of Crawford's Shorties (my favorite tea cookie). I took a few pix while I was walking the quay.

This is John Barry, father of the US Navy

This is the view from Crescent Quay toward the bridge

I walked back home and tried out the coffee pot. At first I tried making just 2 cups and I put in 2 scoops of coffee. It was too strong, so I added 2 more cups of water - pretty good. I then had one of the chicken pies for lunch. I checked my mail to find I had missed the mailman this morning and he had a package for me. I ordered 3 crossword puzzle books from Amazon and they estimated November 6 as the delivery date. I'm so glad they came sooner. I expected to just walk down to the post office and pick them up. But when I read the form, the package pick up site is about a mile and a half in the other direction. I checked my map, found the street it was on and took off. By the time I got there I was hot and sweaty, but it was a great walk. The walk home was even better because now the huge hill was downward.

There had been men digging in the courtyard out front all day. They were installing water meters. I think we are going to have to start paying for water. Drat! They were jackhammering and digging all up and down the block. I am amazed at the busyness of this town. Every day, there is painting of buildings on Main Street, street cleaners, window washers - it is a really clean town.

I was going to go out after dinner for another walk, but decided against it. I think I've done an admirable job of it today, don't you agree?

Tonight I am going to pack some pjs and a change of clothes in a carry bag and plan to catch the bus at 10 in the morning. I should be in Kilkenny between 2 and 3. I will pick up my jacket at Trespass and walk around town a bit before I meet Roisin across from the castle for a ride to her b&b where I will have dinner with them and spend the night. I am really looking forward to this visit.

Hope all is well with you. I will try to get some pix in Kilkenny tomorrow to share with you. It is a very nice town.


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  1. I'm following your adventure with great interest! will you be looking for work once you get all your paperwork organized? you certainly have made a great start at establishing yourself in the country, new friends, great attitude! hats off.