Saturday, October 17, 2015

Need to Find Some Firewood

I had a wonderful visit with Roisin and Malcolm in Bennettsbridge overnight last night. The bus ride over was pretty quick and I changed buses at Clonmel, which just happens to be the town where they brew the beer I like here.

Had lunch at The Playwright and wanted to try the fish and chips. The fish was quite good, the chips were underdone (this seems to be a recurring theme), and the mushy peas were not very good at all. A C- overall. I then went to Trespass to pick up my jacket and purchase a backpack. I had carried my overnight clothes, jammies, and bathroom kit in a shopping bag from Shaw's. Made the switch over to the backpack and walked a bit. Kilkenny is every bit as lovely a town as I remembered from my last two visits.

I decided to do a bit of shopping - I went to Penneys and found a pair of boots for €25. I put them on in their dressing room after I paid for them because they were too big to fit in my backpack.

Here is the jacket I bought at Trespass in August and had them hold for me because I knew I'd be back and it wouldn't fit in my carryon. It is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and has taped seams. It was originally €139, but I got it on sale for €39; couldn't pass it up. 

I learned lots of things from Malcolm and Roisin including how to build a fire using a fire starter with coal and wood. I have some coal that was left by the previous renter, but he only left scraps of wood. I need to get some firewood to build a better fire. I must say I got quite a bit of heat out of it, though.

Just got off FaceTime with Payton and then Morgan. Morgan and I did her homework together. She is happy to put "Vicki (Nana)" on her paper as her homework helper and this time she added "in Ireland". What fun! Adam FaceTimed me this morning as I was riding the bus, but FaceTime is a bit noisy so I just talked for a few minutes and got a big smile from Harper as she was busily sharing her breakfast with Tank. Too cute. Zoë was still sleeping. Adam had mandatory overtime this afternoon, but has tomorrow off. I will FaceTime him once I know they should all be up.

I think I need to decide what is for dinner; it is 8 pm; maybe I'll have sardines and crackers, a favorite of mine. What are you planning for dinner? Did you get snow today? I see my sister, Anne, in Marquette woke up to some. I'm not expecting any here.



  1. Such fun FTing with you........can hardly wait to see you😌😌

  2. It snowed in Howell for about 3 minutes! It's very cold! 30 degrees when I got up. Love your jacket and boots. You are incredibly brave and I am so happy you are sharing this adventure with us! Enjoy that beautiful fire!

    1. So glad you are enjoying the blog, Judy. I haven't heard from Nancy much at all. I tried texting, but never got a reply. Hope she is doing fine.