Sunday, October 11, 2015

Looking Forward

I'm looking forward to another busy week. Monday I am going to check into a small business around the corner where a woman does alterations and laundry to see what she has on offer. Tuesday I am planning to walk with the group over at the swimming facility across the bridge. Wednesday I have a doctor appointment to see about getting my migraine prescription renewed. He is right around the corner, too. Wednesday evening I am meeting a few of the TidyTown group to water the planters that we put together on Saturday. Don't know what I have planned for Thursday yet, maybe I'll be ready to pay a visit to the Garda. Friday I am planning to take a bus to Bennettsbridge where Malcolm and Roisin are keeping the jacket I bought in Kilkenny when I was here in August. It wouldn't fit in my luggage and I knew I would be back so I left it at the store. Malcolm will bring it home on Friday. I am spending the night with them and then returning here on Saturday.

As for today, I got up with every intention of lounging all day, but then decided I wanted to try Map My Walk here, so I got dressed and headed out. Generally the device sounds off each mile, but just about the time I figured I had about a mile in, she announced that it had been 16 minutes and that I had traveled .2 miles. Really?? I just kept walking and ignored her. It was fun at the end to see the map of the route I'd taken. At least that was accurate.

I was also wearing my fitbit and it seems to think that I walked about 5 miles. Who knows, at any rate  right now my fitbit reports that I have walked 11,878 steps and 5.44 miles. So much for lounging.

I have found one rather serious annoyance here. I need to keep my eyes on the deck when I am walking as dog poo is everywhere. Apparently they do not have pooper scoopers here. I do suppose the stuff is biodegradable, but I certainly don't want to step in it. The annoyance is not enough to stop me from exploring this lovely town, to be sure.

I stayed up way too late last evening watching two British murder mysteries. That meant, though, that I was able to FaceTime with Morgan in the evening. Such a little sweetie, but such a teaser! She and Dana were watching a movie with the lights out and instead of turning the light on to talk to me she wanted to play hide and seek. I did get to see her because she eventually turned a light on.

The weather here is what I expected except there isn't much change throughout the day. I check in with Wexford, Marquette, St. Ignace and Jackson. They all mostly start out the day around 55. The difference is that in those other places the high temps tend to be 10 or more degrees higher. Here there is only a 2 or 3 degree difference. Mind you, I am not complaining, just noticing.

I'm going to try to get an early night as I didn't get my 7 hours last night and didn't nap during the day today. Hoping for another beautiful day in the mid to upper 50s. Hope all is well in Michigan.


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  1. FYI I can't get Map My Walk to work right either! I used it a couple years ago and it worked great. But not any more!!
    Enjoying you blog! Keep up the good work!! (It's a beautiful day in MI!!)