Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I've Found A Walking Group

Stayed up until the wee hours finishing my book and so didn't get up until almost 8 am. I was going to walk over the bridge to meet up with a walking group Maria had told me about the first time I joined the TidyTown group. A pretty cold morning - 49 degrees when I got up, but sunny and not windy so not too bad. I must say I am looking forward to my trip to Bennettsbridge this weekend to get my jacket. The warmest thing I have right now is a hoodie and it is working out okay, but if I am going to get down to the quay to greet the sunrise next week I think I am going to need something a tad warmer.

Another friendly, fun group at the swimming facility to meet to walk this morning. We walked on a back road and around on a busier road around in a bit of an oblong circle. I walked with Judy and had great conversation on the way. I am finding out so much from the people I am meeting. We walked for about an hour and then stopped at the Riverbank House Hotel for coffee. I had tea. I have totally given up on coffee, but think I may have to find a coffee maker and get used to making it before I get company from the States. I haven't found any coffee in eateries that I like, but I think making my own might be more like what I am used to.

I sat next to a woman named Maria - not the same one in the TidyTown group who first told me about these walkers. She was a wonderful source of information; another friendly, helpful woman. Interestingly, these have the same look of wonder on their faces when they find out my path here. Eventually, though, they have to agree that what I got rid of was only "stuff".

After coffee three of us walked back across the bridge to Wexford and they suggested that if I wanted fish and chips I should try Sharkey's. Although everyone at coffee agreed that the best fish and chips was at some Quay about 1/2 hour south of Wexford. Some sunny day I will take the bus there and see if I agree. Meanwhile, there are quite a few more places in town that offer fish and chips so I will continue on my quest to find the best. I rated Sharkey's a C. Last week I had fish and chips at the Library in White's Hotel and would have to rate them a D - although I must say their chips were superior to Sharkey's.

Sharkey's fish and chips, the mushy peas were the best!

I received my weekly stats from fitbit - not too bad. I'd really like to get my weekly total up to 50 miles, but for now I am doing just fine.

And here are today's stats:

When I got home from my walk I did some laundry, underwear and socks. One of the women suggested that instead of bringing them in damp at the end of the day and hanging them in front of the fire, that I put them on the shelves in the closet with the water heater. She does that at her house and they are dry in the morning. So I hung them out for several hours and then put them on the shelves and will see what the morning brings.

For my second walk of the day I walked down to the news sellers to get the Ireland Times for the puzzles in it. I learned that from Maria today. I was also out of lettuce so I bought some. I had a ham sandwich with tomato and lettuce for dinner followed by a few tea biscuits with a mug of tea. I did enjoy the Simplex Puzzle, but didn't quite finish. Wasn't even able to get started on the Crosaire. It is one of those cryptic puzzles with clues like "It's all the talk of Liverpool, in a manner of speaking (7,8)". I'm going to have to work these with someone for a while until I get into that kind of outside the box thinking.

I have started a new library book called The Why of Things by Elizabeth H Winthrop. I am liking it so far and am about halfway through. I will probably finish it this evening. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment in mid morning and am meeting with the TidyTown group to water the planters at the bullring in the evening. In between I will get out and walk; maybe I will find a new path...

My landlady is coming on Thursday morning to get the tv and I will get a chance to ask her a few questions - like what is the funny yellow gadget the gas company sent me? Can I get the closet doors adjusted so they close? Do the shower doors need to be adjusted so they close completed? What is the box by the front door? What happens if I am expecting a package, how do the deliverers get in the gate, is there a bell outside they ring to get my attention? If I can find a floor lamp for reading and decide to buy it, can I be reimbursed? Lots of things to find out!!

Hope all is well back in Michigan,


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  1. You have been very busy!! Keep looking for a great fish & chips!! How does the tap water taste?? Shall I send some Eight O'Clock or MacD's coffee? Loving your blog!!