Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sketching, EDM and CED2009

I have gotten sidetracked a couple of times in my art room this week; once to pickup/rearrange and once reading about 20 Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazines an art friend loaned to me. The cleaning desperately needed to be done. The perusing of the magazines began because I was waiting for a layer on a 4 x 6 card to dry. A couple of hours later I was interrupted by the baby's shout to be gotten up from her nap. It was a most delightful couple of hours I've had in a long time.

The house is quiet this evening and I am working on some art swaps I need to get in the mail. I have completed about half of my commitments, but in my hurry to get them in the post, I neglected to take pictures. Oops!

I have, however, been trying to sketch something every day and am posting them here even though they are not necessarily noteworthy, they keep me drawing. The drawing of the slip on was in response to a Sunday Smackdown from Voodoo Cafe and the rest were quick sketches of things I either saw online or in magazines that I was drawn (pun intended!) to. I know, I know "to which I was drawn".

I am also posting a really cute ATC I received in a personal swap with an art friend in Kentucky through the ATCsForAll site.

Meanwhile, the hubster and I are planning a week's getaway to the near south through the Smokies and into northwestern South Carolina. I am planning to take a sketchbook along with colored pencils and a small watercolor set and am hoping to try my hand at some gesture sketching as well as some drawing of stationary objects.

I will be taking my iBook with me, so hope to post while I am away.

The only thing about going south at this time of year is that I will have to shave my legs several months earlier than usual. In the far north (southern Michigan) there is no need to shave in the winter months. And in all honesty I am a redhead and don't grow much hair and what I have is very light. Nevertheless, I will get out the Nair and do a number on them and dig out my capri pants and sandals. I suppose I should get a pedicure, too.

I am still doing an upper body workout with 5 lb weights and doing a killer workout on the treadmill every other day and can't wait for the end of the month to weigh and measure again.

As for you, don't forget to live in the moment!

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  1. You are doing great with your sketch a day. Your vacation sounds awesome, worth while getting the legs shaved I'm sure, hehe.