Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tough Times Hit Home

My son was one of 80 people laid off from his job today. I think he is planning to take advantage of this "one door closes, another opens" situation to go to school. How much longer can we wait for an economic turn around?

Meanwhile, I am trying to focus on the positive in my life also. I have gotten behind on my watercolor journaling class assignments, and spent a little time this morning to get a few done. These are really enjoyable, much more enjoyable than the color mixing ones.

I am also planning to finally make a background using some type of plastic wrap method on a large piece of watercolor paper that I will then cut into 4 x 4 fat pages so that I can begin my whimsical cats. I am so looking forward to this swap. I find cats fun to draw, especially when you get to be whimsical.

I intended to clean up/reorganize my art room yesterday, but spent all my cleaning time in the house proper - I just love a clean house. I am hoping to spend a couple of hours in this room before I begin my large background piece. I can be so much more productive when my surroundings are organized.

I am going to an open house tomorrow with my daughter. She is getting excited to begin her search for a home for herself and her two girls. The pictures online look really nice and it is quite close to a very good friend of hers with little ones that her girls like to play with.

The baby was up most of the night crying so none of us got much sleep. DD took her to the walk in clinic this morning and found that she had a double inner ear infection. Poor thing - no wonder she cried every time we tried to lay her down. We are all sleep deprived today. It is a gray windy Saturday, so a good day for a nap.

But first I have to do my upper body workout with 5 lb weights and then do my 30 minute, 200 calorie walk on the treadmill.

As for you, don't forget to live in the moment!


  1. Sorry to hear about your son, what a positive attitude he has about it. How exciting for your daughter to be going house hunting, there is nothing like having your house to yourself. Poor grandie having an ear infection, hope she improves very quickly.

  2. Sounds like your son has a plan. He might as well get some schooling under his belt because right now there is very little out there in terms of jobs. My husband has been out of work since October.
    Good to see you getting back into the watercolors. Your samples are pretty.

  3. sorry to hear about your son vicki,
    I hope his new path will open a more rewarding trail

    and that you are behind in your watercolor lessons...tsk tsk!..
    maybe the Derwent hints and tips DVD will help
    YOU WON!
    email me your physical address please
    and it will be on the way!

    Congratulations...and thank you for visiting my blog

  4. Sounds like a good plan for your son. Hope your granddaughter's ear gets better soon!

  5. Your watercolour backgrounds look great ... guess what I'll be trying later this evening?!
    Thank you for a reminder about these techniques. Bubble wrap gives some nice effects too for backgrounds (esp with acrylics)