Friday, February 13, 2009

Where'd the Nice Weather Go?

Well, it is only February after all! We are cold and gray again. I really can't wait for Spring to arrive in all its wondrous glory!

I have finished another double page spread in my art journal and am really liking it. Sorry for the shadow at the top. I had to hold it to take the photo. I have been reading many blogs where many of the women feel they have been labeled either because of a job or an illness or something. And I gather from the writing that they are not comfortable being labeled. This made me realize how I work hard not to be labeled and brought about these pages.

I hope you like them. I am still exercising on the treadmill every day but Sunday and working out with 5 pound weights for upper body every other day. I am intending to get out my balance ball and do some serious core work with Cathe on DVD. She is a tough taskmaster and just what I need.

Happy Valentines Day. Remember to live in the moment!


  1. Great journal page. Fantastic all the exercise you are doing.

  2. ooh I love this page spread! Yep, this is cool. You are making me think about exercising... drat! lol