Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Wonderful February Day - 59 Degrees

I had a lovely day today (actually, I guess it qualifies as yesterday since it is after 1 in the morning of the next day). The hubster had to take some bluebird houses he built in to the dentist office this morning. One of the hygienists wanted to buy them. I also had a couple of insurance checks and a balance to pay. This gave us a great excuse to spanort about town.

Usually the hubster doesn't want to stop and shop around, but I actually got him (without any whining or pleading) to stop at Big Lots, Goodwill, The Dollar Store and Meijers. That was after he took me to Bob Evans for breakfast. It was a beautiful day so I only had a hoodie on instead of the usual winter jacket.

When we got home in the early afternoon, I brewed a pot of flavored coffee and we sat out in the screened porch in rockers in the sun. Ah, heaven!

I played a bit in my art room for much of the late afternoon. I finished up the background for the 10 whimsical cat drawings I am doing for a swap,

I began a two page spread in my art journal,

and I did a quick sketch of part of my hand holding my sketch book.

The hubster made a new recipe for dinner - chicken thighs with tomatoes and onions over linguine. It was delish!

Tomorrow is a work day (babysitting the grandies) so I'd better finish this up and hit the hay. As for you, don't forget to live in the moment!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day - ahhhh, don't you just love blissful days such as that. Love your sketch, and am looking forward to seeing your whimsical cats!

  2. That is a fine drawing - Of course it is the profile of a Master of the Keyboard. They usually hide their hands --- Great sketch. Want more.


  3. oooh that journal page background is divine. love it!

  4. Oh oh oh, I want a day like that please!!!! My 'whimsical' cats have been terrible little umentionables all morning and I am going to take a leafe from your book, brew myself a coffee and relax (somewhere where they're not!). ;o)