Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Art in the Mail

I won a print of a bird painting from Diahn, and you know how I love birds. Well, this one is spectacular. It came very nicely matted and the hubster is planning to make me a frame for it. Don't you just love it when there is treasure in the mail? You really must go check out her blog - my guess is that you will want to subscribe and you won't be disappointed. Here he is. The mat is wider than that, but I cropped it

His name is Emory.

Also, for you Mac users out there, I am playing with a freeeware painting program called ArtRage and I am hooked. As soon as I get something painted with it (there is a little learning curve), I will share it. There are quite a few YouTube videos on using it, and that helps. I am thinking that if I like it as much as I think I will, I might pay the $25 for the Pro version. I need to check out what the differences are between the free one and the pro version, but so far I am a bit infatuated with this program. I am thinking that I may even fall in love with it. Stay tuned.....

For now I have been playing some more with Photoshop and making patterns. Here are a few of them.

I added the drop shadow and bevel after I made this page.

I added the gradient after I generated the pattern.

I hope you like these and feel free to use them. I'd like to see what you do with them if you do use them in your art.

Well, the hubster has already started on the house cleaning that we agreed to do this week, and he is such a sweetie he started with the bathrooms. Woowoo!  I guess I will go out in the living and remove everything from the entertainment center and the tables and get to work dusting.

I tutored my son and a friend of his last evening here and am meeting the woman in the Statistics class later today. At some point between the house cleaning and the tutoring, I am sure to get some play time and will attempt to have something interesting to show you tomorrow.....



  1. It is a lovely bird, and I'm glad you won it! I especially like the background you did with the birds. It looks 3D. Great job, as usual! hugs, nancy

  2. These papers are awesome Vicki! I would love to know how you did the floating birds-because they do look like they are soaring right off the page!

  3. Congratulations on winning the bird picture. She does some very nice painting. $25 for a pro program? That sounds so cheap! Must be that it doesn't have Gates name attached to it. That is the trouble with the PC's to me although a PC is what I have.

  4. The bird is wonderful. Such detail. I love the umbrellas. As you scroll down they seem to reflect and change color. Good job.

  5. ^^ Lovely bird indeed! Congratulations on your win. And the designs are amazing!