Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gifts, Winnings and Photoshop (Surprise :-D )

I was given a lovely gift by Lindsay (the bride) for participating in her wedding ceremony as a reader. Her Aunt Dolly also was a reader and had a much larger role than I did. She did a lovely job and was a really sweet woman. My role was quite small and most people said I did a good job. The hubster, who knows me better than anyone else, said my voice was a little shaky, but that it was pretty good. Anyway, these two angels are now watching over me in my art room and they fit in so well:

Yesterday's mail yielded a couple of lovely surprises as well. I got another post card through Postcrossing and I received my "dibs and dabs" from across the pond from Nicks. I was the fortunate winner of her giveaway and what a beautiful piece of art she sent. What a lovely surprise. When she announced the winners, it seems to me that she mentioned sending "dibs and dabs" or "bit of Tat" and I assumed I would be receiving some arty odds and ends. This prize far exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much, Nicks! If you are unfamiliar with her blog, you should definitely pay her a visit.

And of course yesterday instead of working on my surprise project (to be revealed early next week), I played some more in Photoshop. I didn't have an idea in mind, I was just playing and these are the results:

I hope you like them.

Today's free webinar from Creative Techs is on the pen tool. I am really excited to get a tutorial on this one and am determined to learn it. I can't wait to show you my first drawing when I have begun to master it.

Also, I received a notice in my email that Creative Techs is hosting a special webinar next Tuesday, October 6, with these two topics:

Lesa Snider: Photoshop Smart Objects
Jay Nelson: OpenType Font Secrets

I'm off to get my first mug of coffee and to begin to plan the finish on my secret project!


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  1. Wow - great goodies you've received recently. I'm not surprised that you did well with your reading ... you can do everything! I love what you did with the little girls in photoshop. See you soon! hugs, nancy