Friday, October 16, 2009

Backgrounds via Photoshop Pattern Maker

Yes, I am guilty. Even though yesterday was full of other stuff, I stayed up late (I got a not from my friends Pam and Bev asking me IF and WHEN I sleep) playing with Photoshop again. I have started making the patterns by choosing an image to distort somehow and then applying the offset filter on that distortion. I am then choosing some other image/distortion on a new layer that somehow fits/pleases me. I am getting a lot of different looks this way and will no doubt try another permutation of this process before I get tired of making these.

My friend Francine told me she really likes the patterns, but asked what I would do with them, so just before starting this post I opened a pattern from yesterday that I particularly like and made an ATC using it. What do you think? I just threw this together and I like it so I think if I spent more time on it, I could make some really fun ones. I think it would be fun to "draw" on some of the patterns to make a more personal, less digital piece.

And, of course, I made a batch of new patterns that I'd like to share. You may use them if you'd like and I'd really like to see how you adapt them to your art.

Don't get dizzy looking at this one.

Walk like an Egyptian.

I'm really liking this one.

Another eye popper.

I just can't stop myself.

I seem to be doing a lot of circles today.

I added a texture to this one and really like the effect.

Here it is without the texture.

I love blue and green together.

Before filling with the pattern, I put a gradient on the background paper.

Okay, I'll stop now and if anyone is thinking, "This woman is crazy and really  is addicted", you're right. Each day I tell myself I am going to do something other than Photoshop, but when I am innocently on the computer checking my email or reading the blogs I subscribe to I hear the siren call and I am helpless to ignore it. Before I know it I am sucked into the time warping vortex that is Photoshop and it is hours later before I come to my senses.

Today I am spending the day with my friend Nancy playing with her new computer and doing some Photoshopping. She is new to this addicting software and I want to indoctrinate her so that I am not alone in my addiction. Bwah! Ha! Ha!

Tomorrow I am spending the day in Marshall learning how to make a fabric book with my friend Tina. I promise to show that and more next post and try to stay out of Photoshop for a day or two. However, some time soon I want to do a tutorial on how to color correct your photos in 3 easy steps. I learned this trick from Dave Cross and have found it to be extremely useful.

My posts may be hit or miss next week. We are going up to the Leelanau peninsula on Sunday and Monday and then I am tutoring for two hours with my Statistics student on Wednesday afternoon before returning home to meet with two Algebra students who are considering hiring me to tutor them as well.

For now, I am going to grab a bite to eat, have another mug of coffee, jump in the shower and drive over to Nancy's house for a day of Photoshop fun!!



  1. Now you're beginning to scare me! Some of your lovely background papers remind me of origami paper. I wonder if they could be printed and sized to the usual 6 x 6 origami paper size. hmmmm See you soon! hugs, nancy

  2. Vicki You are fantastic!!Love your blog and have learned so much from you. I tried yesterday to bevel a crow without good results. Do you bevel before repeating the item or before? I have been trying to practice everyday so that the process will become second nature.
    Again thanks for your enthusiasim(sp)?

  3. You are good!!!! You should design fabric!
    I like to use the brushes. I have so much to learn and love srring your posts
    I hope you will come by peggy's amusement!

  4. I don't sit on photoshop all day but I do sit all day it seems going from blog to blog. At least you are accomplishing something! I did manage to do a very quick journal page this morning and posted it on BAJ but that isn't my norm. Wasting time is my norm. Have fun and can't wait to see your book.

  5. Wow you were up late. I am new to photoshop and had no idea you could do this with it. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

  6. Vicki...I am so funny didn't get through that you were using pattern maker not the repeating tutorial that you gave. Would you consider doing a pattern maker tutorial? I went to the help and did some pretty wild stuff but don;t have any idea how to control or what to use. Maybe without help in a hundred years I might be able to figure it out on my own!!!
    ANY way sure did like your patterns.

  7. Gale,

    The repeating tutorial I did previously was using the Pattern Maker in Photoshop:

    Just play with it - it is very fun!