Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Art Rage and Photoshop

I tried another bird with Art Rage and am not very happy with it, but I am going to post it hoping someone who is better with this software will offer me some tips to get more out of it. I could not get his legs to work at all, so I put him on a nest. Also I added the "tree" background and some of the texture in Photoshop CS3.

I haven't yet gotten a chance to finish the fabric book I started at the Quilts at the Marshall House with Tina Hamilton last Saturday because I have been out of town since then, but here is a picture of the front cover.

If you are a lover of fabric and such, and you live anywhere near Marshall, Michigan, you really must check out this shop. I was enthralled and spent much of my time there looking drooling. Meanwhile, the class was wonderful. I am not sure I know anyone who has as many art techniques in her repertoire as Tina does. I sat with Puff and Terri, two of the people who I rode to Muskegon with in September, and they also are very knowledgeable and arty. I had to leave early as I was having overnight company and leaving for a two day trip to Leelanau early the next day. My recommendation to you is this: if you every get a chance to take a class with Tina Hamilton (whether it is in person or online) jump at the chance!

Meanwhile, if you can stand it, I have a couple more backgrounds for you:

For this one, I made the giraffe pattern and then used a clipping mask to fill in a girafffe template.

I used a brush and the Offset filter on this one.

And fishes. This is the letter r in the font Children.

In the case of this one and the fish one from the other day, I didn't use the offset filter. I typed the letter using the text tool and transformed it to fit one fourth of the canvas. I positioned it in the upper left corner and then made a copy and held down the shift key to constrain it to a straight line while I dragged it to the right. I then used the transform command to flip it horizontally. I then merged those two layers together and then made a copy and used the shift key again to constrain movement to a straight line and dragged it to the bottom of the canvas. I then flipped it vertically. Then all I had to do was to Edit > Define patttern.

That's all I have today, but I am planning to do more playing this evening and am sure to have something for tomorrow.



  1. Well, of course I want to see what you've been doing! I love the book you've started - it's spectacular! The bird is fine - putting him in a nest was a great solution. Your background papers are very special and original,as always. Can't wait to hear about your weekend! hugs, nancy

  2. Fantastic looking fabric book! That'd be something treasurable for life! I like the giraffe art, and the bird is super adorable!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the class. I'd love to see your completed book! for more fabric books from the class!

  4. Oh lovely! I'm always pleased to see more people using ArtRage :D

    I really like how you painted the nest ^_^ and your bluebird was lovely!
    Hmmm, if you want more tips, visit the forums for feedback, or I've made a couple of pages about using ArtRage :D

  5. I checked online but didn't find the font children

  6. The book looks great. It's fun to see what you come up with for backgrounds.

  7. Love that giraffe! And your patterns are wonderful!

  8. Oo, the fish pattern is so cool!