Friday, October 23, 2009

Paint, ArtRage, and Goodies in the Mail

I have finally painted a picture in ArtRage that I like. No, it is nowhere near as good as the ones I see at Ambient Design, but for me, it is a great improvement. I used the print I won from Ottworks as my model. I didn't import it into the program; it was sitting on my computer desk next to the monitor.

What do you think?

And speaking of Ottworks, I was cleaning up my art room prior to starting a new "hands on" project, when I happened upon the envelope my print came in and wanted to show it to you. I think it is really great!

I really did get my sketchbook out yesterday. I didn't do anything spectacular nor did I do anything outside the realm of what I have been doing all along. You know I love drawing birds, but I have a long way to go to get them "right". So I practiced again yesterday and here is what I have to show for it:

I also spent a little time getting my hands in the paint supplies. I started with a piece of pressed board that I got from the hubster's workshop. I put a layer of PPA on it first and pressed a piece of tissue paper onto it to add some texture. I then put a layer of white gesso over that. When that was dry I attached small pieces of paper randomly to add more texture. I splattered gold and purple paint over it all. Then I made a small mask from a figure I cut out of a magazine and put that onto the board and painted around it. I didn't do a very good job as some of the paint got underneath it, but it is what it is.

I really don't know where this is going just yet, but I will share it as it develops.

And to really make my day, I got a package in the mail. While it was not nearly as exciting as unexpected goodies, it was still a wonderful treasure to behold. I ordered a cigar box full of goodies from Stan and Russell at Twisted Papers. It was such fun to open it and go through it to see just what wonderful "stuff" I'd bought. I put off going through it until after I picked up the first grader so that she could enjoy it with me. She was ecstatic and oohed and aahed over it all. Take a look:

I think that is all I have to share from yesterday. I was expecting to have the girls again today, but when my daughter got home last evening she told me I was off for today. YAY!!!

It is cold and dreary; it is pouring rain. I need coffee filters and orange juice. I can live without the orange juice, but not the coffee filters, so I trip to the store is necessary. I also signed up for 5 more addresses from Postcrossing awhile ago and have the postcards, but haven't sent them yet, so I need to go to the post office as well. Other than that, my day is my own. Who knows what may transpire???
Don't you just love free time!

See you tomorrow.....


  1. I can't believe how good you're getting with that drawing thing (forgive my ignorance). The bird is really great, and I love the bright color. Your start on the new project is really looking good. I like all the textures and the masked figure was a great idea. Your bird sketching is coming along very nicely. You go, girl! hugs, nancy

  2. I really, really like the start of your painting with the figure.

  3. You're always up to so many wonderfully creative things, Vicki!

  4. I really like how you drew this figure and placed it in the midst of such a moody background. The figure really has motion and life to it. Plus it is ambiguous so any viewer can give it their interpertation. Looking forward to seeing where it goes,

  5. Hey, you drew something! I like your figure in that painted background.

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely message. Great to see this elephant sketch. It is almost like spiritual.

  7. Thank you so much for lovely message! Lovely to hear from you.

  8. I am hoping this message reaches you ok. My comp seems to be getting stuck when sending a message.

    Just wanted really to thank you for your kind message and entering into the draw.
    All the best!