Friday, October 9, 2009

Digital Art and The UHU Project

I didn't get a chance to play with Photoshop until after the girls were picked up around 7 pm.  I really wanted to play so I grabbed the pen tool and began to draw. I tried to draw a game bird. He is not necessarily a copy of an actual bird, but this is what was in my mind at the time. When he was done, I decided I didn't want to just put him on a colorful background, but I wanted to put him into a believable habitat. I found a picture I really liked of a favorite spot in the woods, applied a couple of filters on it to make it look like a painting and "transplanted" him there.

I was notified yesterday by UHU that they liked my project, but that I hadn't been chosen as a new UHU gluer. You can see my project as well as two others who were finalists, but not chosen to be gluers at the official UHU project website. Tomorrow they will showcase the two projects whose designers were chosen to be gluers. I can't wait to see what the winners made.

I'm hoping to get the puzzle pieces finished today and work on my post cards so that I can send them out. I don't know yet if I have the girls today and that SO makes a difference in how much time I can spend in my art room.

Gotta go get my first mug of coffee and read the blogs I subscribe to (150 total, 46 new posts so far this morning), then decide what I am going to work on first.

My house is in need of a good cleaning, but I am not willing to give up all my free time to clean it. I am going to try what the "experts" suggest and do one room a day. I think today it will be the living room as that is the most visible room. The huge shelving unit that takes up one wall is in desperate need of a good dusting, but dusting is such a waste. You remove everything, load up a soft cloth with Pledge, dust the shelves and the "stuff" that adorn the shelves, and put it all back together only to find at the end of the day that the dust is beginning to settle there already.

I'm getting depressed just thinking about it, so I am going to think  of other things for awhile and get my good mood back.



  1. dust doesn't get any worse after 7 years

  2. Your UHU Glue project is beautiful!!!

  3. I think we should all stop dusting for 7.5 years to see if it's true! I love the box.... well done,my friend! hugs, nancy

  4. I love the way that you used your photograph as a background for your bird.Lovely!!