Saturday, October 3, 2009

Digital Art 3

I found a nice link to a video on Martha's site with a guest doing fabric painted silhouettes and I thought it might be fun to try this as a digital project. I would probably like the "real" one better because of the texture, but for now this was fun and I really like how it turned out.

I am definitely try this with fabric and paint - uh oh! I think my list of project to dos is taking over my art room.

Today I hope to make 5 more post cards to send to the new Postcrossing addresses I've been given, send out my Pay It Forward obligations from March of this year (you get a year to fulfill the obligation, so I still have time), and start altering the three puzzle pieces that are due to swap at the November get together with the michiganab group.

Better get to work!!

See you,


  1. You put me to shame, woman! I'm getting ready to start CC's gnome costume .... furry boots and all! Love the birds, as always. hugs,nancy

  2. These are great. I like that you made it digital. I'm still trying the pselements. We don't get along too well. Also, the to-do list gets longer every day. There ought to be more time added to each day for ART.

  3. Great artwork. Can you share how you created it and the program you used? By the way I went to the postcard site and I just love the idea. Placed it in my favorites and I plan to join. Thanks for sharing.