Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coming Home

It is early morning, not yet light out. I have begun the packing up to leave the motel and head to Mom's for coffee and homemade zucchini bread before hitting the road.

The hubster called last evening to tell me that the phone hadn't stopped ringing since I left. We have the girls today and their Dad's grandfather (who'd been at home with Hospice) died while I was gone. Also a neighbor had called for math help with her son and the high school student that I had been expecting to call had called and wanted to set up some tutoring.

We had a great time here with Mom. She stayed with us the night before and we played Yahtzee and talked all evening. Yesterday we started out around 7 am, went to the casino with the free tokens the motel had provided, visited my very sick sister, Margaret (she has been suffering with MS for more than ten years and is now confined to her chair where she cannot even move her legs on her own), made a side trip to Lake Huron with a small box of ashes to say a final farewell to my brother, John, who died of cancer in July of 2008, and then drove to the Goodwill store and Walmart in the Soo (Sault Ste. Marie) to do a large grocery shopping. My Mom lives in St. Ignace where there is only one grocery store and their prices are twice what they are elsewhere. A very full, sometimes very emotional day.

After showering and getting ready to go this morning, I decided to post to my blog and found some lovely pictures to share with you.




I digitally matted these pictures some time ago. The little one in the last of the pictures is now almost 7 years old. I had completely forgotten that I had these.

If you like these, perhaps this could be my next tutorial. As you can see these are ready to be printed and framed. I really love the look of these mats and they are quite easy to do.

Do let me know if you would like to learn more about them.

For now, I really need a cup of coffee and should get this old bod in gear.

See you later!


  1. We think a lot alike, I was thinking of double matting some of my favorite photos just the other day! Love yours, they look perfect!

  2. I would LOVE to learn how you did the digital mat!!!! The pictures are lovely. It was a full day...

  3. Vicki, I enjoyed reading your post and also like the photos.

    Yes, I would like to learn how to mat photos using PhotoShop.

  4. Thanks so much for your message of sympathy, it was very much appreciated. I haven't been able to face replying till today. Bless you!

    Big hugs, Susie

  5. Wow, digital mats, very nice! Yes, do a tutorial. Your photos are beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  6. It was good to read your blog and see what's been going on! I can see this trip has been quite a mix of emotions. Your photos are lovely, and the mats are a nice touch. Take care, my friend, and have a safe trip home. hugs, nancy

  7. Lovely pictures. Great photography. Perfect for this season.

  8. Beautiful photos --- hard to choose a favorite. Thanks for the tutorials that you share so freely.