Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Puzzling and More

I began the puzzle pieces for the swap at the next meeting of michiganab, a Yahoo! group. Here is what the original pieces look like straight from the box.

First I applied a layer of thinned gesso and let it dry and then I began to randomly add some color. At that point I realized that the largest piece had a break in it. You can see it in the base of the joining part in the dark area. I think it is a horses hoof. At any rate it really showed up more once it was gessoed and painted. I was concerned about this so I decided that I would put some background paper on each piece instead of just paint.

I looked around my room looking into various containers looking for something I liked when I almost literally stumbled over a large ziploc bag full of interesting "art starts" that I purchased for $2 at the USArtQuest warehouse sale earlier this year. I found the most fabulous papers - well see for yourself:

Aren't they just gorgeous? The theme is "things with wings". Now the fun part will begin - deciding what to add.....

I've been having a great deal of fun playing with a picture that Kate Johnson posted and invited the everydaymatters Yahoo! group to correct/alter.....

If you don't know Cathy Johnson (Kate), she is a prolific artist, author, businesswoman.....

I first "met" her through the North Light Books book club, which no longer exists. North Light Books is a wonderful place to find art books at good prices. If you go there you will either see artists you know and love and/or find new artists and techniques.

On another topic altogether, I received an email from FatCow yesterday announcing the free download of 1000 icons suitable for web, desktop and Photoshop use. You might even find other uses they haven't thought of. You don't have to be a FatCow customer to get them. Click here if you are interested.

I also want to pass along to you an announcement about a wonderful class/retreat being offered with the superbly talented Sarah Fishburn. It is being offered December 5th and 6rh at the cutest studio I've seen in a long time (all I've seen is the outside, but it is just the cutest little house). You can find out more here. I'd give my left arm (I need my right arm and I am suffering a terrible case of tennis elbow in the left, LOL) to be able to attend this class.

My son was here last evening working on his Algebra class homework with me and I am expecting him again today and tomorrow. I have such fun - I love math (so I'm a nerd!) and I love spending quality time with my boy (he's actually a man - soon to be 28 years old - but he will always be my boy). I also got an email with a possible tutoring job. This one would be Intro to Probability and Statistics. I'll find out more tomorrow, but the initial plan is to meet on Saturday.

I have an online webinar (is it redundant to say online and webinar together?) today. It is from Creative Techs and is a Special Guest Event: Photoshop Smart Objects + OpenType Tricks! I am really looking forward to it. Hopefully the baby will be napping then or Poppa will be in charge for that hour. This is a free event and you can register here.

Well, I've got the 2 year old today - she should be arriving soon - and then will take her into town to meet the 6 year old's bus (actually the bus is not hers) and stay at their house until their Mom gets home around dinner time. I'd better get this old body in gear and fuel up....

See you tomorrow!


  1. Vicki, so glad you're having fun with the photo! And thank you for the kind words...

    I miss North Light Book Club, too--they don't have a good place for backlist books, now, so they let them go out of print MUCH faster than they used to. Hurts them, and hurts the authors...go figure.

  2. Good solution to the cracked puzzle piece problem. Can't wait to see what you do with them. As always, interesting post. You're so good at putting links in your posts .... I forget how to do it. One more thing to show me when we get together! hugs, nancy

  3. What fun with the puzzle pieces! You are always up to such fabulous stuff, Vicki!

  4. Sounds like you have been really busy!
    Love those puzzle pieces - I am enjoying the small ATC cards - the puzzle pieces would be a fun project too I think.
    Take care.