Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Distortions and Word Art

I haven't returned to drawing every day yet, although I have promised myself that I would. Today I am making a commitment to myself that I will draw/sketch something everyday. I also need to put some time into my art journal. I haven't touched it in months.

Last night I was tired from our trip, so just decided to play with the backgrounds I had already made so I made some word art using the giraffe template and then used many filters including distort to give a new look to some of my previously shown background papers.

Hope you like them:

I cut and pasted paragraphs from lorem ipsum and clipped them to the giraffe template.

I used a couple of distortions and the difference blending mode.

Distorted diamond pattern.

This is a simple checkerboard pattern with a polar distortion.

Diamond pattern with mosaic tile filter applied.

Today is going to be full - I have to do some grocery shopping this morning - we have no romaine, no tomatoes, no avocadoes, no fresh mushrooms - translation, no salad. We also need fresh fruit and who knows what else.

The first grader has no school today because of the flu and hundreds of students absent on Monday (she also had no school yesterday) so we get her and the 2 year old around 12:30 and will have them until 10 pm.

I am tutoring a Statistics student for 2 hours around 3:30 and then when I get home I will have two high school Algebra students here.

I am planning to do some work in ArtRage (I thought I had downloaded the free version, but when I first saw it was only $25, I bought it, and that was the only version I have played with so far), I MUST do a bit of sketching, I am hoping to play a bit more with the offset filter in Photoshop and try making patterns without always offsetting equally in both directions, I would like to finish my fabric book, I would like to use up the overripe bananas today (I made a batch of Banana Oatmeal Muffins last evening to use up 2 of them, but have 4 left)....

So I guess I'd better get done here so that I can accomplish at least a few of these activities.....



  1. Oh yes, very cool. My favorite is the giraffe,too. You do, indeed have a busy day. Good luck with it all. hugs, nancy p.s. mmmmmmmmm banana cake!

  2. Hmmm, yes I know about the "will do some sketching" stuff. After I finish on-line here and after I do some of this, and that... and on and on I can go. And once, in a very great while I actually do some sketching. That does not mean you or I are not being creative though. It doesn't mean we aren't accomplishing things. It's simply that a sketch is not one of the things done. But then, if you do a sketch something else won't get done - its all okay really.

  3. The giraffe is my favorite, also - - hope things calmed down so you got to your sketching. I hopped over here from creative every day, love seeing what you are up to, art wise.

  4. Love them indeed! :) Giraffe...... YAY!

  5. ooo, I love the giraffe filled with words, Vicki!

  6. looks like you have become addicted to Photoshop like a lot of us! It's so much fun! Now try drawing in it!

  7. I am always amazed at any mother's ability to make art when young children are living at home (in school or at home with flu). There is always so much to do! These are all so creative - you have my admiration and congratulations.
    As a silly sidenote, the scramble of letters to allow me to post came is my maiden name! "gable" how funny :)

  8. Wow, the GIRAFFE is amazing... my favourite. Can I ask you to put a tutorial on your blog on how to do it? Simple instructions for "wordart dummies"?? Margaret Weiss.

  9. Fabulous Vicki-You should do a tutorial on how you did the tall guy. :-D