Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EDiM and More Birds

I had a lovely outing with Nancy yesterday. We went to the antique barn in Williamston - a very nice place indeed - and then had lunch at the Red Cedar Grill.  After a very tasty lunch we drove over to Mason and browsed the Maple Street Mall - another nice antiques & collectibles shop - before calling it a day. I am already looking forward to our next outing.

I am expecting my new computer to arrive some time today and hope it is sooner rather than later. Once I get the contents of this one transferred over, I will do a bit more clean up on this one and then take it to my daughter. I am planning to meet Miss 8's bus at the daughter's house this afternoon and take her out for some one-on-one Nana time while Little Miss 3 is at ballet. It would be nice if the computer was ready to go by then.

Meanwhile I am still typing with one finger and am becoming quite frustrated with it. So without further ado, I will share today's EDiMs and bird pix.

Try to ignore the spots on the dirty window.

I also have a picture of one of my favorite meals:

Rice topped with black beans and then topped with fried eggs - heavenly!

I've had my coffee and now need some breakfast and a shower. I can't wait for this finger to heal so I can get back to making blank journals.



  1. OH! I love the cardinals :) They are my favorite birds. I have several in my yard. In fact, there are so many in my town that the school mascot is the Cardinal! The daycare center is called "The Cardinal's Nest." Isn't that cute? :)

    Lovely drawings and photos. Not so sure about your favorite meal, though! Sounds...interesting.

    I'm sending healing thoughts your way for your finger - hope it mends soon. It must be frustrating not to be able to work on your journals.


  2. What a thrill it must be to look out your window and see several hummers all together! I hope your new computer is arriving as we speak, as I'm sure your daughter is looking forward to receiving your old one!

  3. There you go, keeping up with everything in spite of your poor finger. Patience, my dear .... it's getting better! hugs, nancy

  4. Cute sketches! Amazing pictures as always(I really admire your photography skills) and yes..that plate there... makes me drool in front of my computer =) Thanks a lot Vicki!