Monday, May 2, 2011

Pan Pastel Underpainting and Every Day in May

Today is day 8 of this cold. I have been told to expect viruses to take 7 to 10 days to work themselves out of one's system. While I am definitely feeling that I am on the mend, I am still in the throes of this awful thing. It has made its way from my chest into my head and I am hoping to say goodbye to it soon.

While I had to miss Saturday's get together (both the one with the Michigan ATC artists and the family one), I did go to Sunday's festivities. Little Miss 7 made her First Communion and I am so glad that I took some medicine and packed lots of cough drops and went. Here she is with her teacher and the pastor of her church:

When I got home from the reception at her Mom's house after taking a several hour nap, I remembered that it was May 1 and if I was going to participate in Every Day in May, I had a bit of work to do. I decided to use this journal since the binding ripped a bit when I sewed it. I may have to take it apart at some point and reinforce the spine more securely and sew it together again.

Exercise #101 (the first one on the list) is "Draw a bar of soap". I went into the bathroom and opened the shower curtain and sat down and drew the bar of soap where it rested in the shower alcove. 

After I posted it to the flickr site, I decided I'd better get a bit more colorful and creative in my work. There are some really nice journal pages there.

And finally this morning I got out my pan pastels and did a rough underpainting of the barn picture I am working on.  I rather like it, but had a bit of difficulty mixing the yellow and blue to get a green I liked. I think the trees in the right background need more blue in them to set them back a bit, and I need to make a bit greener green for the "path" along the fence line.

I think I will use colored pencil over this underpainting as I work to finish it.

That is all I have for today, but considering the schedule of family related things and this cold that is definitely slowing me down, I don't feel that I've done too badly. I hope to have more for you tomorrow. Meanwhile your comments and/or suggestions are very welcome. I'd love some input.



  1. Colds are no fun, and I hope you are feeling much better and get better each day (I woke up this morning feeling I might have a new cold on the way, sigh). Thats a cute picture of your daughter, you must be very proud.

    I like the pastel drawing of the barn, not just because its a barn (not sure if you know, but I love barns), but I like the softs tones and the soft texture of the drawing. Nice!!!

  2. Little Miss 7 looks beautiful! The journal you've started working in is a great motivator for you to keep up the good work. And, I like the underpainting you've done on the barn painting. Very nice start! hugs, nancy

  3. I hope you feel better soon. And agree that Lil Miss 7 looks perfect there!
    Love the sketch, and the barn looks awesome with those colors.
    Thanks for your comments again Vicki =)

  4. Having a cold is beastly...why is there no cure for this miserable common cold? I know, I know, it's a mutating virus, but still! It's not fair.

    The journal is really good this what you're using for EDIM assignments? The barn is looking good too...I've never worked with pastels or any other medium except watercolors.

    I've been distracted from any kind of art, reading, knitting since my new cat took up residence with us. She's a darling Bengal, silver with black spots. She's a champion and I'll be taking her to the cat shows to get her Grand Champion title.


  5. really like the barn - very atmospheric.