Thursday, May 26, 2011

Every Day in May Catch Up

My internet access has been spotty at best for the past couple of days. We have had so much rain that the creek in the back yard is not one of the lesser great lakes.

I was unable to find enough sun to do EDiM 122 something mostly in shade, but have gone on to do 123 thru 126.

I thought I'd leave you with a couple of pix I took on the street corners of St. Joe. One time when I was there they had decorated carousel horses on the corners. This time it was farm animals. I will share others later.

Well, I have both bathrooms cleaned, have dusted my bedroom and am on the third load of laundry. I guess I'd better keep at it if I am to get it done. I hope to have more art to share with you tomorrow.



  1. I love your cheerful birds. They're a bright spot in another otherwise gray Michigan day. Will it every quit raining? Oh, well, at least it's not snow!

  2. Wish we could have some of your rain...we're in our 8th year of drought. Although the snow pack in the Rockies is above average this year so that should help somewhat.

    Love the birds. Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow. You're doing great with EDiM. Wonderful sketches. I like the birds too!

  4. I like the drawings. What a super way to keep the creative brain exercised!

  5. Nice sketches! =) Well done Vicki!