Monday, May 23, 2011

Kristy Kusch Class and A New Found Friend

I had the most wonderful time in the watersoluble media class at Krasl this weekend and am spending one more day with my sister before returning home. On the way home, I plan to stop in Niles to visit with Sandy.

I will have lots of things to share with you in the form of pictures tomorrow when I am home. I didn't bring my laptop and so am not able to share pix today. Kristy was very generous with goodies and sharing her wonderful techniques. She is so good and makes it look so easy, but she is ready with helpful suggestions and positive feedback. She brought a slew of pix and fresh fruit for us to use as reference for our art.

The class members were all friendly and talented and my table partner was a wonderful new find. She is Denise and has a very nice blog called Chez Dee. She is quite talented and so friendly. I felt as though I'd known her all my life by the end of the weekend.

Although my finger is really ugly, I am typing with two hands this morning with just a bit of discomfort.  I got some wonderful advice and empathy from Joan in a comment regarding my injury and am sincerely grateful for that. I think I am going to have to look for the mesh glove for future cutting sessions.

I've been keeping up with the Every Day in May assignments and will share them with you tomorrow. Today I am planning to meet up with the fiber artist to deliver her journal and am hoping she loves it. I had a really good time making it for her. I really enjoy making a journal when I know who it is for. It makes it much more fun.

The title of my last post had "I Dare You" in it, but my finger was so sore I cut the post short and didn't tell you that I've found 3 more copies of the book and will be making more journals with it. I will share them with you when I get home.

For now I hope you are finding time for your art and are enjoying good health and close friends and family. My heart goes out to the folks in Joplin, Missouri, during this awful time of devastation.



  1. Typing with two hands again - HOORAY!

    Glad your finger is healing :)

  2. Vicki, It sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend at the Krasl. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow here in Niles and I hope the weather cooperates!

  3. I can't wait to hear all about your class and see what you've done! It sounds like you really had a great time. I'm so happy that your finger is healing nicely (altho, I'm sure not fast enough!). hugs, nancy

  4. Can't wait to see pix and hear more about your classes...glad the finger is healing and hope you'll soon be back to full speed on the keyboard. Having anything wrong with your hands or feet is so difficult to deal with...but it could have been much worse, yikes.