Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kristy Kutch Water Solubles Class

I had a wonderful time in Kristy Kutch's water solubles class at Krasl this past weekend and have some pix to share with you. I must tell you Kristy is extremely talented, fun and very good at explaining what she does. She answered every question asked even if a bit off task. Here is a sample of one of her works in progress:

Here is what my new friend, Dee, was working on:

It is a bread fruit.

Another woman in the class was working on this frog - don't you just love frogs??

Here is my work in progress:

And here is Kristy:

She is just as sweet as she looks.

And, last but certainly not least, these are the freebies:

I am so happy to be home and have loads to do to catch up. We are hosting our annual Memorial Day cookout on Sunday of the upcoming weekend and may have overnight guests. You know that means things have to be cleaned.

I just put a pot of coffee on so I can catch up on the mail and sit in the screened porch and inhale the yard. I have pix of my sister's garden and orioles at her feeder as well as pix from the wonderful gardenscape at Sandy's place in Niles. I will share those tomorrow. I will also share the missing EDiM sketches at that time.



  1. Vicki, I completely forgot to ask you how your workshop was, but I can see from your photos that you had a great time. I had a wonderful time walking through the gardens with you today and I'm looking forward to seeing some of the pics. Have a fun holiday weekend with your family.

  2. Sounds like you had a really good time! I love your expression "..inhale the yard." I am guessing that, in the USA, 'yard' is the same thing as 'garden? Or maybe our 'backgarden'? Anyway, I know just what you mean!

  3. Wow, sounds like an informative class and what a collection of freebies! Have fun this weekend.

  4. Great stuff!! The pics of the works in progress, and what a wonderful bunch of goodies you got. Way to go!! hugs, nancy

  5. it sounds like a wonderful class! Lucky you.
    I like your sketches above here and your sister's garden is beautiful. Lots of inspiration for you to paint.

  6. Sounds like a very fun class. Meeting new friends is a great reward of having a passion you can share.

    I look forward to more pictures, both photos and paintings/drawings.

    I hope your holiday is sunny, calm, and storm free.

    I had to stop and think about how the words we use, often without knowing that they might be "foreign" to "yard". To the poster who assumed it meant garden...well, yes, sort's the property surrounding ones home. We have front and back yards as well as side yards, but often they are not planted. Sometimes the yard is paved with concrete or paving stones, sometimes it's a covered patio. Uh oh, there's another word (it means terrace) I'll shut up before I dig a deeper hole...HA


  7. Looks like such a fun class =) Your work is beautiful so far Vicki!

  8. I'm finally catching up on art! Vicki, what a great post... and to everyone, yes, Kristy does wonderful workshops and the freebies are to die for. It was such fun to meet Vicki as well and to discover all that we have in common. I look forward to seeing you again soon, Vicki!

  9. I'm finally getting back to my art. Vicki, you're right, it was a really fun class. And to everyone else who wonders... Kristy is a really fun teacher and we all learned a lot. (And the freebies didn't hurt, either!!) It was great to meet you, Vicki, and I look forward to future art adventures...