Tuesday, May 31, 2011

EDiM Finished

It is hotter than blazes and I really should get on the treadmill, but I am procrastinating. I grounded myself to my art room until I got the last three of the EDiM challenges done and I am ready to post them. I've changed the name of my journal from "Every Day in May" by adding "and more" to it. I've downloaded the next challenges from the Everyday Matters site and will try to do more. Here is what I have to show today - I like bits of them, but not all of them.

I am hoping to get up the nerve to start putting some color on the adirondack drawing today. I think I want to put in the shadow colors first, but am not sure - so I continue to just think about it instead of doing it.

I spent about 5 hours at the son's house with the new baby last evening - and once I cleaned us up from her massive spitup spill, we had a ball. Here are a couple of pix:

I hope to have some art to share tomorrow - maybe I will bite the bullet and put some color on the watercolor pencil WIP.



  1. Adorable baby! Congrats on completing your EDiM challenge. I'm impressed!

  2. Well done - challenges completed! Well, I shall plod on but still have a few to go...
    Lovely baby - looks too sweet to ever make a mess!

  3. Congrats Vicki on finishing all the challenges! Nice sketches, and the baby is just gorgeous!


  4. I knew you could (and would) do it come hell or high water!! Way to go!! The babe is a doll and you're so lucky to be able to see her so often. hugs, nancy

  5. The baby pix are great! What a cutie pie she is!! And I like the idea of EDiM ... and more. I was thinking of starting one for June since I missed so many in May. I admire your dedication and persistence to making it through May. Way to go!

  6. love your ink work - very strong.

  7. The baby is so adorable Vicki! =) Love the ink sketches too, very technical and precise.
    Thanks for your thoughts and comments and I really wish that I could do more art too. I will try not to let some bad weather or disaster at work to get in my way okay? =) I will at least protect my hands so that I could keep doing what I love.