Thursday, May 5, 2011

EDiM and Some Links

I must be hungry - when I typed the name of today's post, I immediately thought of sausage links. I don't believe I will be having any today. For one thing I have no sausage in the house and for another I am not planning to eat out today. Maybe if Mom and I go to Sunday mass and the Mothers' Day breakfast afterward I will have some sausage.

I do have a sketch of salt and pepper shakers. I'm a bit pleased with the salt shaker on the left, but the pepper shaker seems to be leaning a bit. I drew them while watching the Tigers shut out the Yankees last evening. Today's "assignment" for Every Day in May is to draw scissors. Maybe I will be better at that one.

They weren't really on the counter, they were on a clipboard on the arm of my chair. I added the background and countertop to ground them a bit. But wouldn't you know it, I forgot to add a shadow, so they aren't grounded much anyway. Dang!

While I was at the salon yesterday getting my first pedicure of the season and getting my hair trimmed, the hubster caught a lovely visitor to the deck. He had to stand on tiptoe in the bathroom to get a shot without a screen in the way and I think he was off balance a bit so the pic is a bit fuzzy. However, it is quite clear who the visitor is:

And here is a shot of my lovely pedicured feet. I'm a little desperate for things to show you today .

Now if only we'd get some sandal wearing weather. It is 37ยบ F this morning. Brrr! But the sun is shining brightly. Surely that is a good thing.

And now, before I go to get this day started, I have a few links for you:

Austin Kleon - How to Steal Like An Artist and ..... (thanks Sasa)
Sara Light-Waller - a wonderful colored pencil artist
Mineke Reinders - watercolorist

I need to do some laundry so I can pack to go to Mom's tomorrow. I am so looking forward to this visit and hope we have nice weather so we can get out and about.

I hope you have a great day and a fine weekend. I am taking the laptop with me so I will try to post while I am away. I know I am taking my EDiM journal with me and will continue to sketch each day.



  1. Your toes look lovely! How nice to get pampered once in a while, eh? Wear sandals (even if it is cold!)

  2. You're going great with the Everyday in May thing! The B.O. is splendid .... we tried to lure them one year, but all we got was ants and mold! Cute tootsies, BTW. Have fun at your mom's and Happy Mom's Day to you! hugs, nancy

  3. I heard the weatherman say that we may get 80 degree weather next week. If we do you're ready for it with those fancy toes to slip into a pair of sandals! Have a wonderful visit with your Mom.

  4. even tho you are self-critiquing your S&P there is a great sense of realism in it.

  5. Vicki: Have a wonderful time with your Mom in the long does it take you to get there?

    The drawing is good...don't bash yourself! Just DOING it is the thing.

    We're in the 90's...way too early for this kind of heat, more wind expected, 65 MPH gusts, 35-40 MPH sustained. So sick of wind like you're sick of the cold.

    Keep us posted with the EDiM' did I miss the link to this challenge? Do you have the list?


  6. :) This post totally makes me smile. Happy Mother's Day Weekend!