Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EDiM, Pretty Pix, and Work in Progress

I have to admit I left two blank pages in my journal for #109 and #110 and went right to #111, a bowl. Here is a rather poor rendering of a mock up of a ceremonial bowl that the hubster bought in Costa Rica more than 30 years ago ( I guess it actually is old now.) when he was in the Peace Corps.

As usual, I put the shadow inside the bowl, but forgot to "ground" it with a shadow beneath. Duh!!

I did start a new journal yesterday. The signatures spent the night in the press and the covers are cut to size. When finished it will be a coptic stitched 5 x 5 journal with 140# watercolor paper. Here are the covers cut to size:

I've been using my Olfa rotary cutter and the blades are getting dull rather quickly.

I purchased a scalpel and blades to make slits in book board for when I am brave enough to try sewn over tapes and the tapes woven through the covers, but don't know for sure what you put under your work to protect your table top. I'm not sure a self-healing mat is meant for that. Does anyone have any suggestions???

I also want to give a big thank you to Stacey-Ann Cole at Creativesque for the link to Khadi papers. I am going to try to get some and make a journal with it to see how I like it. Stay tuned.

I have some pretty pix from the yard to share with you - boy is it good to be home!

I am going to the post office today to send a journal in a bubble envelope to see what my shipping options are and then have to do some grocery shopping. I also have to take the old computer that was my daughter's to Office Depot to be picked up by FedEx. I am hoping to order the new one soon so I can transfer the contents of this one to it and get this one cleaned up to give to the daughter. Miss 8 can't wait and hates being without internet access and a word processor.

I am hoping to spend some time with my friend, Nancy, tomorrow. It's been way too long since we spent a day together. Then in the late afternoon, Miss 8 is riding the bus to my house and is spending the night. We are both quite excited about that, especially now that the weather has taken a turn for the better.

Well, I think I'd better get a move on if I am to get much accomplished today. I hope you are having a wonderful day and that I will "see" you again tomorrow.



  1. Your bird photos are beautiful. For the first time we've had two pairs of Rose Breasted Grosbeaks nesting near us and they're continually at the bird feeders. Aren't they wonderful to watch!

  2. Lovely photos of the birds and your house! I loved our chat today and can't wait to see you. hugs, nancy

  3. Interesting sketch of an interesting subject. Awesome pictures always. You just manage to get the grass so green and pretty ^^

  4. Vicki: I don't believe you'll have a problem using a scalpel on your mat...if it can withstand the rotary cutter (I used mine for over 20 years) I don't see how a scalpel could do any more damage. When you get it, try it out on the edge where you don't normally cut with the rotary...and for goodness sake, BE CAREFUL! That thing can do serious bodily harm. They do make a mesh glove with a chain mail lining to prevent cutting yourself with a rotary cutter, also a ruler with an upright edge to prevent running up over a regular ruler/straight edge.


  5. You're very welcome!