Thursday, May 12, 2011

My EDiM Journal Resewn and EDiM #112

Do you remember that I chose to keep the "Over Paradise Ridge" repurposed journal because the spine was unstable and ripping? Well, I could stand it no longer so I cut the stitches, cut off the spine and coptic stitched it back together again. I am much happier with it:

Once it was back together again, I took it out onto the screened porch and sketched a couple of tulip tree "magnolias" for today's assignment to draw something fresh.  I sketched in pen and have to remind myself how much I prefer that to pencil. When I use pencil I find myself erasing and erasing - I'd rather just make adjustments as I go and leave in all the marks. At any rate, here is what I drew:

I'm getting rather a late start today. I spent a bit of time out on the front porch in the new chairs I found at Meijer's yesterday drinking coffee and watching and listening to the birds. Then I cleaned bathrooms and vacuumed a bit. I also organized the books I had in piles on the floor in my art room. I put them on the book cases in the guest room ordered by height. Now I feel I have room to work. I will sew together the 5 x 5 watercolor journal this afternoon and show it to you tomorrow.

I am quite excited that I found a US distributor of Khadi paper and I've placed an order. When I get it I will try it out and tell you all about it. Here is what the Khadi Company has to say about it:

Exeptionally durable and strong paper made for artists. Handmade from 100% long fibred cotton rag. For all painting and drawing media including watercolour. For oil paint prime with gesso or acrylic primer. 
Acid free.
Rough surface.
Four deckle edges.
Tub sized (surface sized) with gelatine.
Weight: 320 gsm .

I have been notified that the product I ordered shipped today. I am anxious to see how I like it and make some journals from it.

 I am going to do a bit more house cleaning before getting back to sewing new journals. I also have some work to do for the customer whose web site I administer. I think I will also revamp my web site.

I hope you are having a lovely day and that I get a chance to "see" you again tomorrow.



  1. I have my new journal in my poacket. It is awesome. Now. Guess I will start with Spring! Still Chilly here.

    All my Love and Hugs to the Family!

    Sherrie Roberts

  2. Great job with the flowers,and I'm glad you like your journal better now. I'm interested in the paper - I'd love to see it! hugs, nancy

  3. Really nice sketch! Well done Vicki!