Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend, WIP and EDiM

I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend. We had a cookout yesterday with most of the immediate family. We really missed Miss 7 who was with her Mom and couldn't make it to our celebration. She will be spending the night with us next weekend though so we will enjoy that time with her.

I took a few pix of the little girls who were present and am quite happy with them. My girl tribe is growing so fast it makes me a little sad to realize how quickly the early years go by.

On Saturday in between cleaning, cooking potatoes and eggs for potato salad and making an apple pie, I found time to do a bit of art. I actually did the color charts while watching Tiger baseball.

You gotta love that straight vertical line of separation - grin!

I am trying to get caught up on my EDiM assignments. I am afraid these two aren't all that good, but I still believe in practice, practice, practice, and try to share art that I am proud of and art that didn't turn out so well.

This one is a bit fuzzy. I tried a wax resist with a cheap white crayon for the moon and hazy clouds. I'm not sure it worked very well.

This is the view into the living room including the front door from the dining area table.

I'm not sure how well this next pic will show, but I am in the very beginning stages of a painting of Adirondack chairs on the beach. Maybe clicking on it will bring up a clearer picture.

I increased the contrast so that the very light sketch would show. It is on 140 # wc paper.

Today I have to finish cleaning up the kitchen from yesterday's festivities, walk/run the treadmill, work on a handmade journal, do a bit of work on the wc above, recycle, and then spend from 5 until 10 ish at the son's with Zoë. It will be a very full, but fun day. It is already 64º and is expected to be near 90º, so I'd better get outside before it gets too hot.

I hope to "see" you tomorrow with more to share.



  1. The Girls are Beautiful! Just Beautiful! Are those just the colored Pencils? or Watercolor Pencils? Wonderfully done.

  2. are your colour charts with w/c or w/c pencil.
    did you mix any colours?
    the gran kids are so cute. :)

  3. Love the photos of the girls and the progress on your WIP. Grateful to find you via CED2011 today!

    My CED check in.

  4. The girls are just as cute as ever! Your color charts will be very helpful, I'm sure. And,keeping up with EDiM is going very well! See you soon! hugs, nancy

  5. Those girls are SO adorable!
    Fun sketches and am anxious to see the new journal.

  6. All girls-how sweet. They really are cute. So nice that they live close to you. You are doing art even while watching TV, good girl.

  7. Love the sketches =) And yes the girls are so cute!