Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EDiM and Nature Pix

I'll have to make this short as it is pouring rain here and I only have internet access sporadically. Here are the next three EDiM assignments. They were done too quickly as I was in my class at the time, but for what it is worth.....

I also have a few pix that I took at my sister's house. She has a beautiful yard and gardens.

On my way home I stopped at Sandy's house in Niles and she took me for a walk through her backyard wonderland. I swear she has a nature preserve where the family farm once was.

And when I got home I went out to check on my own wildflowers and look what was there to greet me:

I hope you are enjoying your day and that you like my pix. Although I am typing with both hands now, the healing spot on my finger is hypersensitive and is almost too much to bear.  I am hoping that time will alleviate some of this.

I have four assignments in EDiM to catch up on today. Miss 3 is coming around noon and her sister will get off the bus here, so I don't think I will be getting to any book making today, but I do have a picture of the one I made for the fabric artist to share with you tomorrow. She appeared very pleased with it when I met her in St. Joe to make delivery.

So for now, I will bid you adieu and hope to see you tomorrow.



  1. The pictures of your sister's garden are beautiful. She must spend a lot of time "grooming" the separae areas. And the pictures you took here in Niles came out well, too. Our old wheelbarrows never looked so good. I would have loved to have seen your ladyslipper. What a treat it must be to have it in your garden. The rain has let up here and the sun just came out so I'd better get weeding!

  2. Wonder Woman is at it again!! You're doing great, healing finger and all. Is that yellow flower a Lady's Slipper? Can't wait to see you next week. hugs, nancy

  3. Wow you've packed a lot of activity in this post Vicki! Lovely sketches and the photos are gorgeous. What kind of birds are those at the feeder? I don't think I've seen them before.

  4. Beautiful garden's so dreary, cold and rainy here still. Our flowers seem almost afraid to bloom.

  5. Ahhh Spring! the pictures give us hope.