Monday, June 6, 2011

A Beautiful Morning

It is quite a lovely morning. I enjoyed my coffee on the screened porch listening to the babbling of the creek across the rocks in the bend in the back yard while the birds serenaded me (I think they were actually singing to each other, but I pretended they were singing just for me).

I've done the next few June quick sketches for my attempt to extend the Every Day in May into June and perhaps beyond. They are not perfect, especially since they are done in ink, but I am trying really hard to use ink and not erase, so some errant lines are almost guaranteed.

I've also added some grasses in the foreground of the Adirondack chairs wc pencil WIP. I added them digitally in Photoshop to see what you think (and to see what I think) before I actually add them for real.

I have more work to do in the sky and the water, but really love the grasses. I think I will leave the chairs alone. I'd love some feedback!!! Any suggestions? Yeas? Nays?

I am hoping to have a lovely day with lots of time to work on arty projects. My house is relatively clean and the hubster is working at the Maple Street Mall this afternoon. If the Tigers have a game today it is probably not until this evening so I am looking at a long afternoon of work play.

I hope to have some lovelies to share with you tomorrow.



  1. I'd suggest adding some darker value green blades of grasses---and washing the water darker to help the chairs show up better..
    Try it on acetate overly first to see how this adds punch---you've got a good thing going here---love the chairs having those shadows...Winna

  2. I love the grasses in the foreground. Go for it! This is a lovely summery scene.

  3. Love the grass! It will be such a meditative scene when you have it all finished. I'm looking forward to what you do with the sky.

  4. You're really doing a great job with this one. I agree - the grasses add a lot, and I think Winna's suggestions are right on. Keep up the good work! hugs, nancy

  5. The sketches are so cute! Nice progress on the piece too