Monday, June 27, 2011

Repurposed Books, EDM, and A Sketchcrawl

I've finished the Through A Looking Glass book and decided I'd better do a few more to check out the "what ifs" that could happen in a class setting. While taking the text block out of this one, I caught some of the spine in a cut and so there was a hole in the spine. I had two choices - tape the cut or take the spine off. I chose to take the spine off (but now I suppose I am going to have to check out what taping a rip would be like). I cut some webbing to size and sewed over it (I intended to do the link stitch, which is a bit more interesting, but decided that I'd better stick with basics), then glued the ends to the covers. I rather like it:

I am currently working on one with multicolored sketching paper.

I have a couple more EDM sketches to share:

It turned out pretty messy. I used a dip pen and chocolat ink, then added a bit of water.

I should have drawn it bigger.

A friend I made at my Krasl watersolubles class, Dee,  and I are going to meet up in Battle Creek on Friday this week to try sketching outdoors. I guess that is called a sketchcrawl. When I have particulars about place and time, I'll let you know so that if you are in the area, you can bring your sketch kit and join us. I'm thinking the zoo and/or the historic buildings on the river. More later........

Nancy and I were going to get together today, but life got in the way. We hope to meet after the 4th to do some spanortin', art related of course.

For now, I am going to go out to the living room and watch some tennis. I hope to see you again tomorrow.



  1. Nice sketches Vicki, especially the tacky glue =) I can't remember the last time I watched tennis, used to love watching them.

  2. I just made my first repurposed book last night with a dear and patient friend who took me through the steps. What a joy it is to create something new from something that would otherwise be discarded. I enjoyed seeing the steps involved in your book; I'll be posting mine soon.

  3. Great solution to the wee problem! Your drawings are nice - I especially like the tote. hugs, nancy