Monday, June 20, 2011

Tina's Birthday, MIABA meeting, EDM

I've had a very full weekend with lots of little girls and lots of running and spending time with wonderful arty friends. On Friday, I had Miss 8 and Miss 3 and we went to a huge neighborhood garage sale in the morning and then back to my house for a rest, then we went to the post office to mail the Inktense pencils to Tracy, then to the library, and then to another garage sale we happened upon on the way back to my house. I don't remember being that tired at the end of the day when my kids were little. Of course, that was almost 30 years ago so I guess I had more stamina in those days. At the end of the day, I drove to Marshall to help Tina celebrate her birthday and saw a few friends and made more friends. The party was at a lovely home with lots of friendly people. I didn't stay very long and I hope it didn't seem rude of me to leave so early, but I was pooped from my running earlier in the day.

On Saturday, MIABA had a meeting at Small But Mighty Arts in Haslett. What a fun day that was. I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones. I must admit I am horrible with names so I went to the MIABA group page to check the database so I could mention everyone and not just the ones I remember, but the database isn't there any longer. So with apologies to those whose names I don't remember, I will say it was nice to see Barb, Linda, Ingrid, Nancy, and Dusty again and it was such fun to meet Kip and Rhea. Also there was a lovely woman who drove down from somewhere just south of Charlevoix who had some wonderful altered books whose name either I can't remember or I didn't catch. I could kick myself for forgetting my camera (and then forgetting the books I took for show and tell), but promise to take pix the next time I am in that wonderful art space.

And as a result of that wonderful meeting in a lovely new venue, I am planning to teach a class on repurposed books on August 13, and once I have the flyer ready and to Kip, I will tell you more. At this point, I am planning to provide the books, paper, linen thread, glue and decorative paper for the endpapers. Each class member will leave with a lovely, finished blank journal in a repurposed cover. I am nervous, but very excited to get this chance to share what I love doing. More info to come.

On Sunday, the hubster's brother came out for coffee in the morning and then we had Zoƫ for the late afternoon and evening. I swear that child just gets cuter and cuter; and, oh does she love Papa. He is always able to get a big grin just by getting her attention. I have to beg a little. While I wasn't able to get a smiling photo without lots of blur, I was able to get some rattle action and a nice shot of those great eyes of hers.

I did get a bit of work done (I mostly enjoyed watching others work on altering books with their wonderful collages and talking) at the MIABA meeting. Here is what I got done in between the watching and talking (and eating).

I am looking forward to adding a bit of color to this one.

This morning I am watching some of the early matches at Wimbledon and doing a bit of house cleaning. I'm just about to shut up the house as it is going to be a very hot and humid day. I hope to get a book repurposed so that I can take some pictures for the flyer for my class.


  1. Wow! Have you been busy or what! Congratulations on your class on repurposing books. Your students will certainly have a knowledgeable and creative teacher.

  2. What a great weekend you had! Little Zoe is a darling! Good for you for teaching a class in altered books! The students will learn so much from you and leave with something to treasure. hugs, nancy

  3. Thank you, Vicki--I had a wonderful time at the MIABA meeting and came away aflame with new people and new projects--I just can't wait!

  4. Vicki,

    I'd love to take your book making class. Is it for beginners? I'm only about an hour away from Haslett. Look forward to hearing more about it on your blog soon!

  5. Vicki, congrats on teaching a class! You are a busy lady!!! thanks for helping me celebrate!


  6. Happy Birthday Tina! Lots of sketches in this post, love em all! Good work Vicki!

  7. Sounds like a very busy couple of didn't mention anything you bought at the garage sales...any goodies?

    That baby is adorable...and I've always loved bare baby feet.

    Neat that you'll be teaching a'll have fun, I'm sure.

    You're keeping busy and that's good.