Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's Either Feast or Famine

Most of my weekends are either spent with girls quietly at my house or spent home with no plans and lots of free time. This weekend there is so much going on and I can only be in one place at a given time. What's a girl to do???

At this point in time, I have the girls all day on Friday and then am going to a birthday celebration in the evening. On Saturday I am going to Small But Mighty Arts in Haslett for a michiganab get together. I am so looking forward to this, not just to reconnect with fun and artsy women from around this wonderful state, but also to meet Kip and check out this new art venue.

Just when I think I am having the best weekend ever, I get a notice from another member of michiganab that Creative Papers Online in Ann Arbor is having a grand re-opening on Friday and Saturday. I have been wanting to check out this place for a very long time, but can I be in two places at one time?? I don't think so. BooHoo!!!

But I must move on - I was experiencing even slower than normal internet performance yesterday, so I sat with a sketch book drawing while waiting. I really must do this more often. I have a couple of sketches to share.

I really enjoyed drawing this one and may add some color later.

This one is a bit light, but I think if you click on it you will see it better. This one needs some color as well.

I've also worked a bit more on the Adirondack chairs. I added a bit of turquoise and light green into the water and added a bit of beach grass on the lower right corner. I'm not sure I am liking the effect in pastels, but will persevere until I get it done - I know that means adding the dreaded shadows. I will share when I've done more to it.

The sand in the lower left corner is not darker than the sand in the  other side. Not sure why it shows up this way.

I also drew my inner critic as my EDM 216. She is even meaner than she looks.

I've heard from Tracy, the winner of the Inktense pencils and will be trying to get them in the mail either this afternoon or tomorrow. I sure hope she loves them!!

I need to go get on the treadmill and then have a nutritious breakfast so that I can really enjoy this wonderful day. I hope to see you tomorrow.



  1. I think you should put that inner critic in a cage and throw away the key!!! The chairs are coming along nicely and color will bring out the best in your sketches, I'm sure! Have a great weekend. hugs, nancy

  2. Hehe, your inner critic does look scary :) (maybe I should draw mine, sounds fun!). I like the beginning of the chairs. Very soft atmosphere, can't wait to see where it's going!

  3. Great posts Vicki, love the chairs and the inner critic : )

  4. Those inktense pencils are the talk of the town with my friends. Lucky Tracy!

  5. Just a thought. The green in the right hand corner draws too much attention. You might add more across the bottom. IF I am correct, you don't want a triangle in the corner.