Thursday, June 2, 2011

EDM and Waterpencil WIP

I've finally applied a bit of underpainting to the Adirondack chairs on the beach that I am working on. It was scary to start, but I'm glad I've finally done something with it. Adding the color has helped me to make some design decisions. I am not going to put an island or peninsula in the background and I think I am going to put some beach grasses here and there. I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions that you are willing to give:

I spent an hour on the treadmill and then did about 20 minutes of weight training and balance ball exercises so I feel good about that. I've put on a few pounds while out of commission with the Spring cold and the cut finger and am determined to lose them and try not to see them come around again.

I had so much fun with the Every Day in May exercises I am going to try to extend it and go for every day in June. I went to the EDM list and decided to begin with #201. Here are the first two for June.

My internet access is so slow that this short post has taken most of an hour to write. The uploading of the pictures took forever. 

I went to the library yesterday with Miss 3 and Miss 8 and I picked out 4 books for myself. I read one of them last evening and have started the second while waiting for the pix to upload.

It is a beautiful day here - sunny and breezy - just what I have been waiting for lo these many days. I hope you are enjoying a lovely day and that you are finding time for yourself and your art.



  1. I agree that you should not put in an island or peninsula in the background. I like the spaciousness of the background. Some beach grasses would be nice! It's going to be a lovely painting - so peaceful.

    Glad to hear you are exercising - I should be more, although I did walk for 30 minutes today.

  2. Hi Camilla,

    A thirty minute walk sounds really nice, especially in this lovely weather.


  3. This is a lovely beginning, Vicki. I love the serenity of it . . . it's charming!!

  4. I actually like the chairs as they are right now =) But of course I'd love to see the final product as well.
    Love the 'blue-print' sketches too =)

  5. It looks great how it is, just a few grasses would be enough as you said.

  6. Yep, grasses would be wonderful! I can just imagine them, said the girl who looked back. hugs, nancy