Friday, June 24, 2011

Through A Looking Glass and EDM 224

I drove into town this morning to have some sketch paper cut to size and have begun working on my latest repurposed book "Through the Looking Glass". I glued a piece of cardstock into the spine to replace the old piece I removed when taking out the text block and then watched a bit of tennis while folding my signatures.

This is my adhesive of choice.

The original text block had about 200 pages in it, so I estimated that I would need around 50 sheets to fold. I actually found that 55 was a better fit for my purposes.

When I first checked for fit, the 'creep' associated with signatures was too great, so I trimmed them with the dreaded rotary cutter seen behind the book in the picture below. I was very careful and liked how the pages fit after trimming.

Another check for fit.

I will sew the signatures together and then decide on endpapers for this book and should have it finished to show you tomorrow. This book didn't have fun endpapers so I didn't save them to use in my new journal. I will make a book that does have good endpapers and show you that one as well, perhaps early next week.

While watching tennis this morning before driving into town, I sketched EDM #224, a jug or pitcher.
As you can see below, I actually drew it twice. The first one is in the right colors (my Lamy Safari pen ran out of ink, so I inserted the adapter and used some of the Chocolat ink as a refill). The second drawing is more true to scale, but is not the blue and white that it should be.

I need to empty the dishwasher, walk the treadmill, and clean the bathrooms some time today and think I will do my favorite of those (the treadmill) before deciding whether to continue with my responsibilities or feed my bookbinding habit instead.

I hope you are doing well and that the sun is shining on you. Here in southern Michigan it is raining again so another day will pass and I won't be able to spray the workable fixative on my pastel painting so I can add more to it. I guess I will just have to look at it as a pleasure to work on another day.



  1. Thanks for posting the progress of your new repurposed book. It's always intersting to see how everything fits together. Yes, it's another rainy day here in Michigan. I guess it just makes all the sunny ones more precious!

  2. That is a stunning, stunning book, Vicki!! You do beautiful work.

  3. I'm enjoying watching the process of making your re-purposed book. Thanks for sharing.

    It is sunny and hot here in Northern California.

  4. It's coming along very nicely ... no surprise! That pitcher is really cute! ...... I haven't used the treadmill in several days :( .... howsomever, I just finished another round of antibiotics on Tuesday ... does that give me a hall pass, teach? lol hugs, nancy

  5. I have just started making repurposed books. I have a friend who is taking me through the process. My first step was to find old books that are suitable, which I've done, and I'm meeting her for my next lesson shortly. Do you use watercolor paper?