Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pan Pastels WIP and EDM

I finally jumped in and cut out the Adirondacks from their watercolor in progress with the wonky shadows so I could use them as a reverse stencil while playing with my pan pastels. I am using Colourfix Suede paper that I cut to 11" x 14".  Here is the first layer.

I have a small set of pastel pencils that I may use as my next layer. Right now the values are too much the same - the sand is darker than I want, the water needs more variation in color, and the dreaded shadows need to be decided upon. I haven't decided where the sun is yet and will work on that in the next step.

I thought it was interesting how the chairs looked after being used as a reverse stencil.

Aren't they just too cute?

I've also done today's sketch of my thumb - EDM 215:

I have hours of work to do on some new pictures for the web site I administer and should get on it before I return to the Adirondack chairs. Hopefully I will have some time later today to play with the addition of more layers.

Meanwhile, I still haven't heard from the winner of the Inktense pencil giveaway.  Tracy, if I don't hear from you by the weekend, I will have to draw another winner. Please contact me so I can send you these lovely pencils.



  1. That is neat how you cut the chairs out for reverse stencils. I hope to try pan pastels sometime - I've heard they are pretty cool. Have a great day.

  2. You are off to a great start on your painting. I am taking the Donna Downey panpastels 101 and 102. They are so much fun to use.

  3. I love the Adirondack chairs cut out like that -- you should use them in an art journal or collage when you have finished using them for the painting! Don't you dare throw them away :)

    How's the thumb healing?

  4. The chairs are looking better and better =)
    Nice sketch on your thumb

  5. Yes use the chairs, too good to throw away!

  6. Yes, they are too cute!!! Your thumb is pretty cute, too! hugs, nancy