Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fountain Pens, EDM, and Other Stuff

I rediscovered my fountain pens this morning and decided it was a shame to just have them lounging in a cup on my desktop when I could be using them. I have a Lamy Safari and two Sheaffer fountain pens. I also have a dip pen that needs some art time. I find that drawing with them can be messy, but I think if I continue to use them I will learn a bit of a lighter touch so that I don't get such a messy finish. Here is today's EDM using one of the Sheaffer pens with a new green ink cartridge in it.

I know I said a GREEN ink cartridge - apparently the feeder in the nib holds a lot more ink than I was aware as for the most part this sketch is blue. Also as you can see I had way too much fun sketching the post and the falling down barn - my satellite dish (the thing out of place) is almost completely lost in the drawing. It is pretty lame when you have to label what it is that you are trying to show - but I sure had fun with this one.

In the middle of my very busy day yesterday I stopped home for a bit and found a lovely package on the front porch from Daniel Smith. There is a great big sale going on there and I was able to get this long lusted for art supply for less than 1/2 price.

I am going to start on my Watercolor Pencil Buddies swap some time today and will break out these bad boys to help me. I won't be able to show you my progress because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but I will make something to show.

Also, I think it is time I got back on the bookbinding horse again. I haven't been able to make myself get started again since the "cut off a chunk of my finger" accident. It is still tender, but is almost healed. When I do get back on that horse, I think I will use this book as the cover. I love the title - even if the umbrella is brown instead of blue in the illustration.

I am expecting my two tutees again later today, so need to take advantage of the free time I have until they arrive to get some art started. I hope you are finding time to be creative today, and I hope to see you again tomorrow.

NOTE: Don't forget to leave a comment on yesterday's post if you are interested in getting into the drawing for the Derwent Inktense pencils. Drawing is next Monday morning.



  1. the FB's are so'll love them for sure!

  2. Yes, I've heard great things about the Faber-Castell wc pencils. I'm looking forward to seeing your work with them.

    I completely understand the bit about damaging your finger while book binding. I had a similar event cutting quilt fabric with a rotary cutter.

  3. OOOOO--I LOVE that book cover!!!

  4. Sounds like a lot of "toys" waiting for action. ;)
    Drawing with ink sure can be messy but isn't the messiness one of the main parts making art fun?

  5. Haven't been by here or EDM for quite a while. I don't know how some of you work and still find time for art! I don't even work officially (I am a homemaker but mostly I think I babysit my retired husband ;P ! I need to start using my pens too. I paid enough for my Lamy, I ought to use it!

    So you pointed out the item that didn't fit in the scene. You had fun and its there; what more is called for?

  6. ooooh! That's some fine color pencils VIcki, and love the sketches as always