Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sketches and Photos

Another glorious morning here in Southern Michigan. I just love the 60s and 70s; don't really care much for the 80s and 90s.

We (the Tigers, that is) played the Mets again last evening and we put up a better showing, but still they waaaay outplayed us. Tonight Verlander pitches and it is hoped that things will be much different. At any rate, I needed something to do besides watch the game, so I got out my journal and decided to do a few sketches. I must remember to do this more often.

As you can see, I continue to struggle with perspective.

And, since you were good enough to look at those, I have some of nature's art to share with you:

I think I'd like to try a small watercolor today and maybe work on more books. I went up to the Maple Street Mall with the hubster yesterday and found more old books for my class in August (when I have the flyer finalized I will share it here) and now need to take more drawing paper to the printer to have it cut to size.

Summer is getting really busy. This weekend I am going to Battle Creek to meet up with Dee for some outdoor sketching; on Sunday we are taking Zoë to Aunt Jan's for a cookout; the following Thursday I am getting together with Nancy for a fun and arty day; the next weekend we are taking the four girls and Zoë's Mom and Dad up to the Leelanau peninsula; the last weekend in July we have a wedding in Madison, Wisconsin; and somewhere in between I want to get over to visit my sister in the Benton Harbor/St. Joe area.

Can you believe June is on the way out already??? Didn't it just get here?



  1. I love your sketches! I need to do that sort of drawing more often too. And more great photos! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Your photos are stunning, Vicki--maybe this weekend we should do photography instead of sketching. Well, at least we'll do both. And your barns are great.

  3. Good for you that you did so many sketches: I love cats and birds too, but buildings are not so much my cup of tea! Your nature photos are very beautiful too!

  4. I think you did a great job with the perspectives, and shadows =)

  5. You're getting better and better with perspective! Keep going. I miss you! hugs, nancy