Monday, July 23, 2012

Art Journal and Watercolor Landsacpe Beginning

I've had another busy weekend, but I did manage to do a really good hour workout Saturday morning with weights and I wasn't overly sore the next day - tight, but not really sore. I think I will do it again on Wednesday. Miss D and her two girls, Miss P and Miss M, came over for dinner last night and the girls stayed overnight. They will be with me today while Miss D is at work. She and I managed to get a 2 mile walk in after dinner while Poppa stayed with the girls. After dinner the girls and I set up at the kitchen table with our journals and some stencils to play.

Earlier in the day, I'd finally taken the first step to tear a page out of a 1931 Funk and Wagnalls dictionary and used it in pieces on a two page spread I was working on. I then put a wash of watercolor over them. I am planning on an image transfer over the top some time today.

And in my Going Green class, we are to do a landscape to play around with different greens. I've sketched my scene in pencil and added the first two washes. As you can see, I have some issues, but it is very early in the process yet, so perhaps I can overcome them. If not, I have more paper and I will try again.

I am hoping to spend some time with art supplies and my little girls (I still call them my little girls even though Miss P is 9 and Miss M is soon to be 5) today and will share our arty outcomes with you tomorrow.

The hubster and I had our 34th wedding anniversary yesterday and are going to the far north to celebrate later in the week. We will stop at Mom's on the way to Marquette to visit my sister and her husband and then may spend a bit of time at Pictured Rocks on the way home. I may be away from the computer for most of that time, but hope to have lots to share when I return.

Dan Kent at Dan's Canvas shared a watercolor that he did on Tyvek in a post yesterday and I have a roll of it, so I think I will play with it some time either today or tomorrow and can't wait to see what I can do with it.  If you don't know Dan, you have to go check him out. Not only is he a good artist, but his humor is wonderful. Interestingly, his piece on the Tyvek was trees, which is the subject of my Going Green class right now.

It is supposed to be another brutally hot and humid day today, so the girls and I will be staying indoors. I hope you are comfortable wherever you are and that you are finding time for your creativity and your loved ones.



  1. Happy Anniversary Vicki....glad it was a great day. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary ~ enjoy your time 'away' ~ lovely start to your art work ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Great start on your landscape. I really like the composition. Have fun with your little artists today! I'll see you tomorrow. hugs, nancy

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love the watercolor scene so far!

  5. Interesting use of the dictionary pages there. Nice build up of watercolours.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Vicki...enjoy your trip to Marquette. I'm sorry to say that I never got to the UP when I lived in MI...