Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watercolor and Art Journal Spread

Just a quick note this morning before we hit the road to visit my sister and to see my blogger friend, Joan, of the Retirement Chronicles

I did get a chance to do just a bit of art yesterday. The watercolor flowers aren't real flowers. They appear to be a cross between a brown eyed susan and a sunflower, so I am calling them sunflusans. I think I will be a flower geneticist in my next life or in my watercolor endeavors.

And I was able to work another two page spread in my art journal.

It is thundering and raining and I am running just a bit behind if I intend to be on the road by 8 am. I hope to have some pix to share when I return. Meanwhile, I hope you are finding opportunities to do some art and will share it.



  1. Vicki, your watercolor flowers are super. I often paint "unknown" types of flowers that I have dreamed up. Mine usually are related to cone flowers.

  2. Your sunflusans are beautiful. I like the ink around the pedals, and especially the texture in the background. And your colorful journal work is unbelievably cool!